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'Chocolate Mousse I' - Purchased May, 2001
Our   West   Virginia  Home - We also have wildlife photos.

We sold 'Chocolate Mousse I' in 2004 and bought 'Chocolate Mousse II', a few blocks away.  Photos of the new cabin are located on the upper left menu, labeled Chocolate Mousse II (pages 1-18)  Photos of the first cabin are at the bottom of the same menu and are labeled Chocolate Mousse I.

'Chocolate Mousse' is located in The Woods Resort in Hedgesville, Berkeley County, West Virginia.  We are midway between Martinsburg and Berkeley Springs off Rt. 9.  We named & deeded our property 'Chocolate Mousse' which is Nora's favorite dessert.  Every time she eats it she says, 'This is heaven'.  That is the same sentiment we have about our home.

'The Woods' lives up to its name.  This resort community was started about 1978.  There are 3 sections to the community.  The first consists of smaller homes, all on heavily wooded lots (like ours).  The second consists of somewhat larger homes, mostly on wooded lots.  The newest section, still under construction consists of larger, expensive homes ($150,00 - $300,000) on the golf course.  The golf course community has manicured lawns with many open areas.  Our membership includes use of all the indoor facilities (indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sauna, tennis court, racquetball court, basketball court, and fitness center) plus the use of the 2 outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, etc.  We may play at the two golf courses for a fee.  We have fallen in love with our home and the community and hope to retire to there about 2011.  At that time we will sell our home in Anne Arundel County and put on an addition, probably doubling the current size.  We have about 900 square feet now including one bath, kitchen, downstairs bedroom, living room - dining room, and a lovely loft bedroom.  We also have a screened in side porch.  The deck runs the complete width of the house and porch.

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