A Return To ‘Op-Ed’ Writing

I’m going to get back into a little ‘op-ed’ type of writing again, but only from a religious and biblical perspective. The days of lashing out at liberals on every issue have ended and I’m not going back to that style of writing.
Over the last few weeks, I’ve received a few emails that my voice has been silent for too long. I agree; however, I repeat, my op-ed pieces won’t be worded the same as ones in the past. Certain words and slang expressions which peppered my vocubulary will be stricken. Does that mean I’ve softened my stance or changed my opinion on matters? Absolutely not! It does mean my approach will be a little different, my language a little less colorful, my tongue a little duller, but my intensiveness will remain the same. When it comes to being politically correct vs biblically correct, I’m putting my money on the Word of God.
I’m sure many people are glad to hear my conservative writings will resume, but are a little disappointed in that I’ve waited so long. I won’t be able to write as many pieces as I did before and will only write when something of a religious or biblical nature (from our current headlines) strikes my fancy.
I received many emails a few weeks ago when Obama’s situation regarding his minister’s sermons and beliefs hit the front page. Suffice it to say, Obama never did denouce the ‘Rev’ Wright, but contended he cringed at some of the comments his white grandmother made about blacks.
If he ever looses his job as a U.S. Senator (heaven help us if he is elected President!), he can always get a job driving a bus. He threw his grandmother off the bus, or rather, tossed her under the bus! As if that wasn’t bad enough, the following day, he put the bus in reverse and backed over her again. (That was his comments claiming she was a ‘typical white woman’).
Obama gets a pass this time – but not in the future. I still don’t watch that many newscasts and do not read the newspapers. However, from time to time, certain things happen which you find out about whether you care to or not.
My total ‘news’ coverage involves about five minutes a day. When I get up on a workday I fix my coffee and sit down in front of the TV. I put on Fox News for a few minutes, then put on CNN for a few minutes. I figure if anything earth shattering has happened in the world, both would be covering the same story. If there’s two different stories on those two channels, I switich over to something else, like the hockey channel or one of the religious channels.
No, I don’t bother to even check out the weather or traffic reports. I’ll know what the weather is when I stick my head out the door.

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