How Many Times Will You Be Born & Die?

Inspiration91_John3-3.jpgDr. H. L. Willmington made an outstanding point in one of his lectures in the Creation Stage of the Liberty Home Bible Institute series.
He said something to the effect of “the number of times you were born, will determine the number of times you will die”.
This is a very profound statement.
There are two births and two deaths. You have a physical birth and death and a spiritual birth and death.
If you are only born once (physically) you will die twice. You’ll suffer the physical death, then before God you’ll suffer a spiritual death.
If you are born physcially, then become ‘born again’ (your second or ‘spiritual’ birth), you’ll only suffer a physical death. When you stand before God after your death, you’ll not suffer a spiritual death, but will be welcomed into the Kingdom of Heaven.
Also, if you are a believer and are living at the time of Jesus’ return, you’ll never suffer a physical death. You’ll be called up to heaven with all believers.
That was a very interesting point.

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