Some Misc Thoughts

RebBibleBlog.jpgSadly, I must report that the number of visitors has drastically dropped since I changed the blog from an attacking politically incorrect blog to a bible based blog. That was certainly expected going from a political – society commentary blog to one about religion. I even received one very nasty email on the subject. Numerous other supporters have left the scene without comment.
Others want to know when I’m going to really start ‘writing’ about religion, rather than just posting scripture, items from books, inspirational photos, etc. That’s a good question. I don’t have an answer yet; however, knowing my writing background, I know that it is coming. Sooner or later, I’ll be writing all sorts of pieces on various topics. Every now and then I get the urge to do that now; but, as yet, have refrained. The reason is quite simple. I really don’t want to embarrass myself. I’m not a bible scholar. I’m not a great thinker. My thoughts don’t amount to much. I’m like a cheap cut of meat in a crock pot. I need slow cooking over a long period to marinate, tenderize, and become palatable.
I need to read and study the Word. I just don’t want to read the bible. I want to study it and understand it. I don’t want to just memorize scripture, I want to live it. That takes time.
Each one of us has our own cross to bear. I took a good look at myself and decided I didn’t like what I saw. It was time to change some things around in my life.
After all, it’s always been my intention to grow up before I turned 60. I just might make it although the jury is still out.
We all grow at different speeds and different levels. Some children walk at nine months; for others, they’re 15 months old before they walk. It’s like with coming to the Lord. Some accept and follow him at an early age and continue to follow him the rest of their life.
For me, I was about 31 before I was saved. I then went to church and did some bible study off and on for the next 18 years. Mainly, time was spent away from church, the bible, prayer, and God.
Now I have a renewed passion in my life to read and study His word. I pray that never ends.
Do I suddenly intend to stand on the corner and preach and try to save the World? Do I suddenly intend to become holier than thou and point out other’s flaws?
The answer is absolutely NO. For once in my life I’m being very self-centered. At this stage I’m only concerned about getting myself right with God, following the teachings of the bible, and doing what little I can to advance the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior. Quite honestly, that’s a full time job and one that I’ve enjoyed doing the last four months.
Hopefully, my blog will somehow play a part in making someone turn to the Lord. Perhaps it will renew someone’s interest in their walk with the Lord. Maybe someone has turned their back on religion and my blog will make them start to think about things. Maybe, it’s just something as simple as becoming the tool or instrument that keeps me focused on God. If it keeps me on the straight and narrow and never even affects anyone else, it has served a purpose.
No one knows what tomorrow brings. Perhaps, when I retire, I might pursue a formal course of bible study. I’ve thought about that many times in the past. Once, back in the 1980’s, I registered at the Baltimore Bible Institute. However, I only attended class for about a week. In December, 2006, I went to Arlington Bible College and looked into trying to get another B.A. degree in Biblical Studies. It is possible I might attempt to take one class a semester until I retire.

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