e-Sword – Key Word Commentary

eSwordKeyWordCommentary.gife-Sword has several add-on bible commentaries that are available. While most are free, some have fees.
Key Word Commentary
The Key Word Commentary is provided through AMG Publishers. This is not a Public Domain resource, nor is it free. There is a reasonable fee associated with this resource.
In the Key Word Commentary, the 929 chapters of the Old Testament and 260 chapters of the New Testament are outlined, analyzed, and summarized. The editor has drawn on a range of Bible scholars, evangelists, and preachers. The ten comments about each chapter are (1) Before and After, (2) Analysis of the Chapter, (3) Key Verse, (4) Key Word or Phrase, (5) Key Event, Person or Theme, (6) Key Thought, (7) Key Thing to Look For, (8) Key Bible Cross-reference, (9) Key explanation, and (10) Key Quote.
If you are interested in a key thought summary of each chapter of the Bible then this is just what you are looking for.
The cost of this add-on bible commentary is $10. The size is 1.266 megs.

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