YWCA – Off The Mark?

YWCA.jpgFirst, let me point out that I don’t want you to take this blog entry the wrong way. I know that the YWCA is a good organization, as is the YMCA. As a teenager I spent many hours at the Central Branch of the YMCA in downtown Baltimore, having a ‘student’ membership for several years.

It was a great place to go and work out in, before the day’s of the various health clubs. The central branch in Baltimore had a nice gym, indoor track, boxing/wrestling room, weight room, indoor pool and sauna.

I’m sure the YWCA is also a great place.

The other day when driving to the west side of Baltimore City, I passed the central branch of the YWCA. A banner hanging from the building caught my eye. It wasn’t exactly like the image that accompanies this blog entry, but the words ‘Fighting Racism’ was on the banner.

There’s nothing wrong with that.

However, I look at everything a little differently than most.

Since the YWCA stands for Young Womens Christian Association – I’m a little unsure why ‘racism’ is such a prominent theme on their banner.

Since it is a “Women’s” assocation, would a better banner read ‘Fight Sexism’? Or, wouldn’t something about fighting for women’s rights be headlined? Certainly, fighting against the battering of women would be appropriate.

Also, the word ‘Christian’ is in their title.

Wouldn’t something like ‘Fighting for Christians’, ‘Fighting For Biblical Rights’, or something like that be appropriate?

I quickly searched through several YWCA websites and did not see anything which promoted ‘Christianity’. Many organizations don’t promote Christianity; however, I would think if ‘Christian’ is in your title, your website would have that theme. It does not, which I find misleading.

Of course, the YWCA was organized in a different era. If they aren’t go to spearhead a battle to promote Christianity (as their title suggests), then they should drop the ‘Christian’ from their name.

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