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I just learned the Family Radio has their own School of the Bible. Details below:

Associate of Religious Education Degree
The 2-year Associate of Religious Education degree is designed for home study through correspondence courses. Upon successful completion of the 66 unit degree program, with a ‘C’ average or higher, the student will be awarded the degree. This program is designed to give each student a good understanding of the Old Testament, New Testament, Biblical counseling, theology, and a beginning understanding of Biblical languages.

One of the key components of this program is Biblical counseling through practical theology. This series is very helpful in learning to disciple others.

Old and New Testament survey courses, coupled with surveys of individual books, will give the student a good overview of the purpose and focus of each book of the Bible.

Students will also be introduced to the original Hebrew and Greek languages of the Bible. This is extremely important for illuminating the scriptures through individual word studies.

Curriculum for the Associate of Religious Education Degree – 2 years

Semester 1: 11 units
ENT 112 – The Gospel of Mark, Ch. 1-8, 3 units
ENT 142 – I Corinthians, Ch. 1-8, 3 units
PBT 101 – Practical Biblical Theology: The Christian Character, 3 units
THE 100 – Doctrines of Grace, 2 units

Semester 2: 11 units
ENT 113 – The Gospel of Mark, Ch. 9-16, 3 units
ENT 143 – I Corinthians, Ch. 9-16, 3 units
PBT 102 – Christian Growth, 3 units
THE 101 – Principles of Bible Study, 2 units

Semester 3: 10.5 units
EOT 160 – Hosea, 3 units
ENT 100 – New Testament Survey, 3 units
LS 101a,b – Elementary Greek, 1.5 units
PBT 103 – Christian Conflicts, 3 units

Semester 4: 12.5 units
ENT 101 – New Testament Survey II, 3 units
EOT 100 – Old Testament Survey I, 3 units
LS 101c – Elementary Greek, 1.5 units
PBT 104 – Christian Behavior, 3 units
THE 112 – The Timing of Christ’s Coming, 2 units

Semester 5: 10.5 units
ENT 140 – Romans, Ch. 1-11, 3 units
EOT 101 – Old Testament Survey II, 3 units
LS 120a – Elementary Hebrew, 1.5 units
THE 110 – Israel in Prophecy I, 3 units

Semester 6: 10.5 units
ENT 141 – Romans, Ch. 12-23, 3 units
ENT 144 – Galatians, 3 units
LS 120b – Elementary Hebrew, 1.5 units
THE 111 – Israel in Prophecy II, 3 units

Bible Certificate Program
In this program, students can study the Bible with us for one year and receive a Bible certificate upon satisfactory completion of the required curriculum.

Curriculum for the Bible Certificate Program – 1 year
First Year
The Bible Certificate Program includes all associate degree courses excluding Theology (THE) 100 through 112.

Spiritual Enrichment Program
The Spiritual Enrichment Program is designed for those who wish to study the Bible through Family Radio School of the Bible, but whose schedule will not permit them to take a full academic load. Students admitted to the program may take any course and any number of courses offer by the school. A certificate of completion will be issued to the student after the fulfilling all course requirements in a topical series. These completed courses can then be transferred into the A.R.E. degree program of Bible Certificate Program towards class prerequisites.

Curriculum for the Spiritual Enrichment Program

Certificates of Completion:
ENT 148, 149 – A Survey of Romans
EWS 100, 101 – Expository Biblical Word Studies
ENT 142, 143 – I Corinthians
ENT 144 – Galatians
LS 101-104 – Greek
LS 120-122 – Hebrew
EOT 160 – Hosea
ENT 112, 113 – Gospel of Mark
ENT 100, 101 – New Testament Survey
EOT 100, 101 – Old Testament Survey
PBT 101-104 – Practical Biblical Theology
ENT 140, 141 – Practical Theology of Romans
THE 100, 101, 110, 111, 112 – Theology

I’ve sent a request in for information. At this time I do not know the tuition rates. I do know that some of the classes require that you buy cassette recordings.

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