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Prayer1.jpgMost of the previous postings on this blog were originally posted on my personal blog in December, 2005. At that time, I had returned to bible study and had purchased various study aids. Sadly, I only kept up my bible study for less than two months. I then allowed myself to be overtaken and overwhelmed with other activities.

Several of these no longer interest me. I cite most of that to the recent death of my father, Reverdy Lewin Orrell, Jr. who died on 20 October 2006.

I no longer enjoy searching through several hundred editorial cartoons, picking out several to post. Additionally, I no longer enjoy listening to the various conservative talk radio shows. In fact, now, politics leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Over the past year, I spent countless hours plotting, writing, and revising a horror novel. I no longer look forward to writing the final draft and searching for a book publisher, which would probably never be found.

The only thing that really hasn’t changed is my love of genealogy. I still enjoy researching and working on all phases of genealogy, although I’ve yet to really dive back into it over the last few weeks.

I have returned to bible study with renewed enthusiasm. Last year I bought many good study bibles and commentaries that basically just sat on the shelf. That has now changed.

When I use the term ‘bible study’ I am referring to different things. I lump many things together under ‘bible study’ including reading the bible, researching different topics, reading various books, reading the bible, comparing bible translations, listening to sermons and lectures, and even listening to songs. Perhaps this isn’t a truly ‘bible study’ blog; however, that’s what I’m calling it. It also includes quiet time in prayer and reflection. I’ve done quite a bit of that over the past month.

Prayer2.jpgPrayer is one of the most interesting topics I know of. I have several books on prayer and am just starting to read them. Some are classics, like E.M. Bounds books on prayers. I find this to be a fasinating subject, and one that I really haven’t done or explored beforehand. (NOTE: eSword has a feature which allows you to post various prayer requests along with the type of prayer request, etc. It is a nice feature.)

I’ve included two print screens of the prayer feature within the eSword software. As you can see you can list anything you want, including a short description, along with a detailed explanation. You can also print out your prayer requests and assign different codes (types of prayer) to each entry. I like the way this works in eSword.

In addition to studying prayer, I’m going to begin a study of the book of Matthew. Nora bought me several good commentaries on Matthew last year, plus several other commentary collectiions on the entire bible.

I figure Matthew is a good place to start. From there I’ll work through the New Testament, then possibly start the Old Testament, although only the first five books of the Old Testament, plus Proverbs, really seem to interest me.

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