Software vs. Printed Book

I do quite a bit of work on the computer, both in my job and at home.

There are some fantastic software programs out there which can aid in any field. The area of bible study is one such field. The bible (including many different translations) is available in many different software packages. Some are commercial programs such as Quick Verse; while others are free, such as eSword.

These bible programs often include various commentaries, including many of the well known commentaries.

The Preacher Outline & Sermon Bible (see graphic on right side of blog) is one of my favorite resources. I can’t go as far as to call it a ‘bible’; in my view it is more of a commentary. It does an excellent job of explaining many of the verses and providing thought provoking questions. They also have a product called The Teacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible. Both come in either the KJV or NIV.

This page gives some links to viewing and downloading small sample portions.

I was able to get a 30 day trial subscription to a software based version of this product and put it to the test over the last few days.

While I liked being able to have ‘everything’ right in front of me on the computer, I just didn’t care as much for it, as having the actual books. I must be showing my age. To me, nothing still beats the printed word.

I don’t want to go into all of the different offers for Old Testament, New Testament, and combined offers. Let me keep it simple.

New Testament CD version: $249.95
New Testament 3 vol hardbound version in slipcase: $339.99
New Testament 14 vol softbound version: $429.99
New Testament – 14 vol – Loose Leaf Set – $514.99

Regardless of what you purchase, all of the above contains the same material. The 3 version hardbound in slipcase is the best price for the printed version at $339.99; with the 14 vol softcover set costing $90 more. At $514.99, the 14 vol loose leaf version is the most expensive.

However, from my way of thinking it is the best version to get. Either of the other printed versions are bound; however, with the loose leaf version you can grab your 3 hole punch and add addtional pages of notes.

Years ago, I had one of the books (Romans, I believe), in the loose leaf format. (Don’t ask me where it is now, as I don’t want to get into that!). Last year I bought Acts in the paperback version.

The company website sells each looseleaf volume for $42.99 or the complete set for $514.99

The softbound versions sell for $35.99 each or $429.99 for the entire set.

It is interesting to note that over at the Christian Book Clearinghouse (CBC), they are selling the softbound versions for $18.99 each (only NIV version is available). However, it doesn’t look like they have all the volumes for sale. If they did you could get the 14 volume set for $265.86 which would be a great price – only slightly more than the CD software version.

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