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Reb & Sara

Here’s a photo of Reb & Sara, probably taken about a year ago.

Matthew 17: 2-5 (Transfiguration)


Matthew 26: 47-49 (Judas Betrayal Kiss)


Matthew 2: 12-14 – (Flight Into Egypt)


Matthew 21: 12-13 (Jesus Cleanses The Temple)


Luke 24: 5-6 (Jesus – Risen – Empty Tomb)


Michael W. Smith – “You Are Holy”

Here is a classic by Michael W. Smith – “You Are Holy”

Religious Neckties

ReligiousNecktie01.jpgNow that I’ve been going to church every week I find I need some new clothes.
I discovered I really didn’t have any good long or short sleeve dress shirts.
I also found, having gained weight (I have to do something about that), that I don’t have a suit that fits.
Also, I searched and couldn’t find any religious neckties. I thought I had some, but must have been wrong.
Over the last few months I’ve bought some nice long and short sleeve shirts. I’ve also bought a few sweater vests.
This past week I ordered a few more pairs of pants, plus two suit jackets.
Did you know that men’s neckties come in various lengths? I really didn’t until a few months ago. We were shopping and I saw a sign for ‘extra long’ neckties. I went over and checked and they are longer. Seems the average men’s necktie is about 56″ – 58″. An extra long tie is 62″ – 65″. If you have a big neck or a big gut (I have both), the extra length comes in handy. You don’t go walking around looking like Laurel and Hardy with the end of their tie high above their waist. I bought one a few months back and liked it. It does the job well.
However, finding extra long neckties with a religious theme are a different matter. I was able to locate two of them, which I have ordered. The photo for this blog entry shows one of them.
I figure if you’re going to go through the trouble of wearing a necktie make a statement!
I have several Civil War neckties, plus several Masonic neckties. Now I’ll have a few religious neckties.

Luke 2: 7 (Jesus in Manger)


John 19: 17-18 (Crucifixion)