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Religious Humor

No Hidding the Facts
Taking advantage of a balmy day in New York, a priest and three other men of the cloth swapped their clerical garb for polos and khakis and time out on the golf course. After several really horrible shots, their caddy asked, “You guys wouldn’t be priests by any chance?”
“Actually, yes, we are,” one cleric replied. “How did you know?”
“Easy,” said the caddy, “I’ve never seen such bad golf and such clean language!”

Franciscan Monastery, Washington D.C. – Photo 32

Here is a photo taken on Saturday, December 29, 2007, when Nora and I visited the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, D.C. The series of 52 photos begin on February 22, 2008 and end on April 13, 2008.
This photo was taken inside the Monastery, which is located at 1400 Quincy Street NE. Their website is http://www.myfranciscan.org.
This series of photos shows parts of the interior Monastery.