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Elvis Presley – “How Great Thou Art”

Elvis Presley did a great version of “How Great Thou Art”.

Roman Catholic Church Of The Crucifixion

The lovely Catholic Church pictured above is the Roman Catholic Church Of The Crucifixion located in Anne Arundel County, near Glen Burnie.
Nora is considering joining this church. We drove by it a few weeks ago and attended Mass last Saturday. She really likes it alot and so do I. We intend to attend Mass there this coming Saturday and on Saturdays when we’re not in West Virginia.
Below are two other photos that I took. I want to photograph the inside of the church and also want to photograph the Stations of the Cross for an upcoming blog piece.

David Cox’s Online Religious Library

I’ve just come across a great bible reference library source.
It’s called David Cox’s Online Religious Library and is located at:
Be sure to pay this site a visit. There is a ton of PDF files you can download which would be especially useful when doing studies on the various books or themes of the bible.

e-Sword – Additional Commentaries, etc.

I’ve come across two internet locations which have a ton of e-Sword commentaries, bibles, topics, dictionaries, etc.
Here are their links:
When are the above web address, be sure to check the right side of the page for additional links to more e-Sword items.
Here is the second location:

Franciscan Monastery, Washington D.C. – Photo 8

Here is a photo taken on Saturday, December 29, 2007, when Nora and I visited the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, D.C. The series of 52 photos begin on February 22, 2008 and end on April 13, 2008.
This photo was taken outside of the Monastery, which is located at 1400 Quincy Street NE. Their website is

Liberty Home Bible Institute

I became acquainted with Liberty Home Bible Institute many years ago. In fact, I almost enrolled several times over the last two decades.
This is a free-study program with no set time limits. In fact, the representative informed me they still have people who enrolled twenty years ago mailing in their exams. I think a self paced program like this is the best way for me to go. I can study at my leisure, when and where I want. I’m not on a calendar or clock. I really feel, that at my stage in life, this would work best for me.
I know one thing for sure – it will be a solid bible based program from beginning to end.
They have different types of course materials available. In fact, they even have one package where all of your lessons come preloaded onto an iPod. You can also get the lessons on CDs or on audio cassettes. I decided to go with the CD package. This way I can listen to them in my car or on a CD player. Also, I’ll be able to ‘rip’ the CDs into an mp3 format and download on my personal iPod.
Upon completion I’ll receive a Diploma in Biblical Studies from Liberty University. That’s certainly not a M. Div, but it will be good bible based study. That’s all I really care about.

Religious Humor

Finding one of her students making faces at others on the playground, Ms. Smith stopped to gently reprove the child. Smiling sweetly, the Sunday School teacher said, “Bobby, when I was a child, I was told that if I made ugly faces, it would freeze and I would stay like that.”
Bobby looked up and replied, “Well, Ms. Smith, you can’t say you weren’t warned.”

Bible Study

I’ve spent the last few weeks considering various options with bible study. I had wanted to entered Southern Baptist Theological Seminary to obtain a Masters in Divinity. This is an intense program involving class in Columbia, Maryland, every Friday night from 7 – 9:30 PM and every Saturday from 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM.
In the end I decided not to apply for the M. Div. program. The cost, as most graduate level classes, is rather high. Also, this would tie up every weekend for the next several years.
Still working, this presents a problem in that I must carry a beeper and be on call every few weeks. I’m not about to pay over a thousand dollar a semester, then run chance of being beeped and having to leave class. This is something I have no control over. As long as I’m working it is difficult to find a way around this. One day this will not be an issue. However, now it is.
Another reason for not attending is that I do not feel I’m properly equipped to go directly into their Master’s program. I’ve never had any formal bible training. Wishful thinking does not count in graduate school and I’d be well behind the other students.
The final reason I’ve decided not to attend SBTS is that we are going to keep the house in West Virginia. If I attend school on Friday nights and all day Saturdays, I’d be wasting my money keeping the house.
Therefore I decided to look at other options. I did locate several universities that offered the M. Div. online. However, again, costs were very high in most institutions. One under consideration was Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and Graduate School. Again, this was rather costly.
I decided on another avenue with a different online university. I signed up and received part of my first course. I quickly knew this wasn’t for me. I didn’t feel ‘warm and fuzzy’ about what they were saying. I won’t mention their name. There program might be OK for some people, but I wasn’t at all impress with the first course on the way to the M. Div.
At this point, I’ve decided that it is not important what level or type of ‘degree’ I obtain. Let’s face it, at my age I’m never going to be ordained a preacher. I don’t even know that’s something I really want, but it is a nice thought.
What I really want is to learn and study the bible in some sort of organized program. The amount or type of accreditation does not really mean anything to me. I only want to learn in a fashion that I can understand, respect, and work with.
The next blog entry will reveal what I’ve decided to do.

Jackson Reverdy Orrell – Out of Surgery

JacksonGrandpop2008Jan.jpgI received a call from Sara about an hour ago. Jackson is out of surgery and doing well.
This little guy has had his share of problems since being born 14 months ago. He has asthma and acid reflux. Also, he’s had more than eight ear infections. We didn’t know if they were going to operate on him today, as he was slightly congested. However, the doctors thought everything was safe this morning and proceeded with his ear operation.
They drained fluid, cleaned out his ears, and inserted drains in both ears. They now hope that the acid reflux problem will begin to solve itself. While he should be on stage three baby food and some table items, he’s still only really eating stage two with some stage three. The feeling is that the ear problem is related and with that cleared up he can start to eat and grow better.
We are going to Pennsylvania on Saturday to pay a visit. He’s walking well now and is all over the place. In fact, he took his first steps on his first birthday.

Jonathan Harrity – One Nice Young Man

JonathanUncleReb.jpgWe live in a society where many young children are impolite, dishonest, and down right horrible to be around.
I am pleased to have a niece and a nephew who are not like that. Jenna & Jonathan are two lovely children, who’s parents have done a wonderful job raising them.
I am also fortunate to have a cousin (Mary Lynn) who has two children (a boy and a girl) about the same age as Jenna & Jonathan. Mary Lynn and Paul children’s are Mary Beth & Paulie.
We’ve have several 4th of July parties where all four children have been around. They get along great.
Jon frequently visits the blog and is especially interest in the various photos and entries.
Jonathan turns 10 years old today. The photo to the left was taken about a year ago.
Happy Birthday Jon ! Your Aunt Nora and Uncle Reb love you very much.
Aunt Nora and I look forward to taking you bowling for your birthday.