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The Dick Cheney – Barrack Obama – Orrell Connection

Warning – As many of my readers are aware, I generally take the truth and stretch it to absurdity on this blog. However the following entry is completely true.


On 7 February 2007, I received the following email:

Dear Mr. Orrell,

I would like to purchase a copy of your book Descendants of Richard Cheney of Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Do you have a bound copy or digital copy available? Alternately, do you know where I might find one for sale?

Please feel free to contact me with questions, either via email, (email and phone number omitted from this blog entry.)

My thanks in advance for your assistance.


My book on the Cheney family has long been out of print. In fact, like many of the genealogy books I’ve written over the years, I only printed a few copies which were passed onto family members and genealogy libraries and societies. I had no books on hand to sell; however, I was able to take the original text from an old Word Perfect program and convert to a PDF file. While the page reference numbers got a little off, the bulk of the book was still there.

I sent a copy of this PDF file to Kathryn Duryea, assistant to the Vice President’s wife and told her to use what she needed. I believe I might have also printed and out converted to PDF a few genealogy trees I’ve come across for Barack Obama and Dick Cheney. As a matter of reference the book did not contain anything about Obama or the Vice President. They’re weren’t on the political radar back when it was written about 10 years ago.

A few weeks ago I received another email from Kathryn Duryea asking for my mailing address. Apparently Mrs. Cheney’s book was completed and she wanted to send me a copy. I supplied the address and added that I would appreciate an inscribed copy.

Apparently the book ‘Blue Skies, No Fences’ has now been printed according to the cartoon above. I’m assuming that’s the basis of this cartoon.

It will be interesting to see if I am mentioned as a source in the book or on the ‘acknowledgement’ page

Here are a few news links to the story.

Link 1
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Hopefully, my material has helped sell a few books for Mrs. Cheney.

Difficult Time Of Year – Dad

I’m moving into a difficult period. Today would have been my Dad’s 87th birthday.

This time last year he had just been brought home from the hospital to spend his days at home. His birthday was on a Tuesday last year.

Dad will be gone a year on October 20th, ten days from now. Nora, my Mom, and I are heading up to West Virginia on Friday night and will not return to Baltimore until Oct 21st. That way my Mom doesn’t have to be home alone during the first year anniversary.

I think it’s starting to get to me a little. Dad died at 2:15 AM on Friday, October 20th. For the first several months I awoke exactly at 2:15 AM every Friday. Eventually, it became know and then. Many times it happened on the 20th of the month. Other nights, I would also awake at 2:15 AM. It’s funny, but it’s a certain feeling I get when I awake at that time. I know it’s 2:15 AM. I can feel it, without even checking my watch.

This morning, on my father’s birthday, I awoke at 2:15 AM. I shot straight up out of a sound sleep.

Actually, it really wasn’t a bad feeling this morning. It was like my father was there, sending me a sign that everything was OK.

As always when that happens, I never really get back to a sound sleep. I’ll doze off, but won’t really fall asleep.