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Jackson Reverdy Orrell – Lesson In Conservatism

Lessons From Grandpop
Jackson Reverdy Orrell
Lesson in Conservatism
by Reverdy Lewin Orrell, III
aka ‘The Depraved Brain’
(1127 words)
April, 2007

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“Grandpop, how come you’re so smart?”

“What do you mean, Jackson?”

“You know everything, don’t you?”

“No, Jackson, I don’t. I do know about conservatism though because I study it along with current events in America and around the world, sociology and our society.”

“Am I going to know as much as you do about these things?”

“In time, but it will take a lot of hard work on your part.”

“Let me get my notepad and write some things down. What should I study and how should I go about learning these things?”

“Well first Jackson, you’ll need a good library and must learn to surround yourself with good reading material. You’ll also need to know what newspapers, newsletters, and magazines to read. It’s also very important to know what talk shows and TV shows to listen to and watch.”

“OK, Grandpop, can you give me a list of what I should read, watch, and listen to?”

“Certainly, Jackson, but it is also important to know what to avoid.”

“Is that sort of like knowing that I must listen to Mommy & Daddy, but avoid strangers I don’t know?”

“Pretty much, Jackson. You must always listen to Mommy & Daddy and be very careful of people until you get to know them.”

“What about the other stuff – newspapers, books, newsletters, magazines, and TV and radio shows?”

“It’s important that you study history and learn from the past. Of course, in school they don’t always teach you what really happened. Listen to your father in that area. He has a degree in history and knows all about that.”

“I know, Grandpop. I’ve seen all of his books. He has tons of them on the Civil War that he’s going to let me read. Can you tell me the other things to read?”

“First, you’ll need to subscribe to the Conservative Chronicle, Human Events, and NewsMax magazine. Conservative Chronicle and Human Events are weekly newspapers and NewsMax is a monthly magazine. There are also some other good conservative publications out there. You’ll want to get The Limbaugh Letter.”

“Is that written by Rush Limbaugh? Or is it the other Limbaugh you sometimes talk about?”

“It’s Rush’s publication; his brother, David Limbaugh, is a conservative columnist who also writes good pieces.”

“Who are some of the other conservative columnists you read?”

“I’ll probably forget a few of them, but here are some of the ones I read – Ann Coulter, Patrick Buchanan, Joseph Sobran, Ben Shapiro, Oliver North, Jeff Jacoby, Robert Novak, David Limbaugh, Linda Chavez, Phyllis Schlafy, Donald Lambro, Cal Thomas, Mona Charen, George Will, William Rusher, Stephen Chapman, Larry Kudlow, Rich Lowry, Michael Barone, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, Kathleen Parker, Paul Greenberg, Tony Blankley, Brent Bozell, William F. Buckley, Terence Jeffrey, Charlie Reese, Michelle Malkin, Harry R. Jackson, Jr., Herman Cain, Charles Krauthammer, Armstrong Williams, and Jesse Patterson are some of the ones I read.”

“Wow, Grandpop! Which ones are your favorites?”

“I’m drawn more toward the topic or subject they are writing about, than the actual author, in most cases. However, my favorite columnists are Larry Elder, Michelle Malkin, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Mona Charen, Phyllis Charen, David Limbaugh, Joseph Sobran, and Ann Coulter.”

“I know that Ann Coulter is your favorite, right?”

“Yes, Jackson that’s right. She hits the liberals as hard as anyone and never pulls a punch. She says what others only dare to think and always has a touch of humor and satire in her pieces.”

“Grandpop, you write like that also. Is she your hero?”

“In many ways she is, Jackson. I like the fact that she doesn’t like Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy and no matter what she writes about generally finds a way to mention these two scumbags.”

“Grandpop, you do that with the same two scumbags. You also go after Hillary, Je$$e Jack$on and Al Sharpton whenever you can. I like that word ‘scumbag’, Grandpop. Thanks for teaching it to me. Grandpop, with the columnists you mentioned, are they all Republicans? Are all of them white? Some of them are women, right?”

“Jackson, you’re right and wrong. Don’t mistake ‘conservative’ for Republican and ‘liberal’ for Democrat. While most are probably Republican, there might be a conservative Democrat in the bunch. Also, I do believe that Joseph Sobran and Thomas Sowell are Libertarians. Many of my favorites are women and some of them are not white. I mentioned thirty-five columnists. Six are women and seven are black. Good conservatives, like just bad liberals come in all sexes and races.”

“Grandpop, you’ve told me about talk radio before and I’ve been listening to Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity. I really like Michael Savage – he’s a lot like Ann Coulter in that he says what he thinks. Should I be reading any books?”

“Certainly, Jackson. I’d suggest all of the books written by Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, William Bennett, Pat Buchanan, Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell, and Jesse Patterson. Start with them, then I’ve give you a few more to read.”

“OK, Grandpop, I’ll do that. But what websites should I visit?”

“Wow, Jackson, you’re really getting into conservatism. There’s some great websites out there. I’d suggest Michael Savage, Michele Malkin, Townhall.com, WorldNetDaily.com, DrudgeReport.com, Media Research Center (mrc.org), NewBusters.com, TheConservativeVoice.com, HumanEvents.com, plus a few others. I’ll e-mail you the links.”

“Great, Grandpop. What should I stay away from?”

“Jackson, most of what you see on TV is crap. Stay away from most of the reality type TV shows and ABC, CBS, & NBC news shows. Don’t read the New York Slimes, Washington Compost, or the Baltimore Scum. Fox News is your best source, although sometimes CNN has something good. It”s not that often, but it does happen. Also, whenever an entertainment celebrity opens their mouth, it”s generally time to close your ears. The same thing is true of most politicians. In fact, when you get a little older, I’ll get you a special set of ear protectors, just like the ones that our military veterans wear whenever Hillary Clinton or John Kerry are speaking.”

“I guess we’ve pretty much covered what I should read, watch, and listen to, right Grandpop?”

“Yes, Jackson that pretty much covers it for now. As you get older and develop your own special conservative issues, I’ll tell you about specific websites that cater to them.”

“You mean like illegal immigration, Grandpop?”

“Yes, Jackson, while conservative in nature there are groups that are organized around a specific conservative topic, like illegal immigration.”

“Gee, Grandpop, you sure are smart. You’re my hero.”

“And Jackson, you’re my hero too. You represent the future of America, a country that won’t survive unless little ones like you are able to wake it up.”