Daily Archives: 12/24/2006

Harold Camping – Family Radio

HaroldCamping.jpgThis isn’t a good photo of Harold Camping, founder of Family Radio, but it is the best I can find.

Mr. Camping has a radio show called ‘Open Forum’ which airs live nightly. Callers phone in and ask any questions on the bible they want.

He has come under considerable attack over the last decade for predicting the date of Christ’s return and the end of the world, as we know it. More recently, he has stated that the church age has ended and that little is being done in churches to save people. Many consider him to be a cult leader.

However, with all of that said, I listen to him many evenings as I’m laying in bed. Regardless of his ‘predictions’, I feel he is an outstanding bible teacher. Just because he is considered goofy in some areas, doesn’t mean the rest of his message is wasted.

The one thing I really like about him is that he takes a direct biblical approach on many touchy areas of the bible; such as, homosexuality and women teaching in the church. He isn’t afraid to quote the bible in these areas and point out the fact that ‘man’ doesn’t know more than God.

On the Family Radio website are mp3 archives of his shows. They are free for downloading. I believe they have every show back to the beginning of 2004.