Daily Archives: 12/23/2006



I’ve recently come across an interesting website called AllWorship.com.

It is an internet based Christian radio station. Best of all, is that its free !

There are several streams available:

Contemporary Worship (1 stream)
Praise & Worship (1 stream)
Christmas Music (3 streams)
Spanish Worship (1 stream)

From their website:
AllWorship’s Basic Stream is broadcast at 20 Kbps and is absolutely free. We are a listener-supported station, so donations from our listeners literally keep us “on the air”. We are able to provide an added bonus to those listeners who donate to AllWorship — they are able to listen at a much higher quality 64 Kbps Premium Stream. This is our way of thanking our donors for their continued support.

There is quite a bit of difference between the free 20 Kbps and ‘paid’ 64 Kbps. It doesn’t take a math major to see that the premium stream has a 3 times quality value over the free stream. They even give you a quick sound sampling of the 64 Kbps stream.

The Contempory Worship is described as “Today’s best worship music presented by current Christian music artists and worship leaders”.

The Praise & Worship is described as “The top worship songs presented by worship leaders and Christian artists with a congregational approach”.

Parts of both of these styles overlap; however, I prefer the Praise & Worship style more. It’s almost impossible to find a radio station with this type format on a 24 hour a day basis.

In the Baltimore area, I really only have access to three different Christian radio stations. The one plays more older, stoic type music. The other ones are OK. All 3 have ‘sermons’ from time to time.

The premium subscription for the 64 Kbps feed is $40 per year. That’s less than a dollar a week and is very reasonable. There are no commercials.

A hyperlinked graphic to AllWorship.com now appears on the right side of this blog.

Pay them a visit and see what you think.