Daily Archives: 12/17/2006

The ‘New’ Reb

Reb16Dec06.jpgAs most people know I shaved my head when the chemo caused my father to loose his hair.

He had a very difficult time when that happened. At the time, he was almost 86 years old and possessed a full head of hair. When it started to happen he went outside and stood there for 1/2 hour, literally just pulling his hair out. A neighbor told me he could see how upset my father was at the time and how much it visably affected him.

I was in West Virginia at the time. That Monday morning I drove to a barber shop in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, and told the barber to shave my head. I couldn’t even hardly get the words out, but it was my way of showing my love and support for my father, during this very difficult time.

After his passing, several people have asked when I was going to let my hair grow back. The answer is ‘never’.

My love and support for my father didn’t end on 20 October 2006.

I am reminded of what he went through each and every time I shave my head. I am reminded of all of the chemo patients around the world when I shave.

This photos isn’t the best and is not as sharp as I would like. But it is one of the first ones that I have.

I’ll try to post more later.

Richard Francis Orrell – A True Gentleman

Yesterday, our family got together for lunch. Below is a photo of myself and my uncle, Richard Francis Orrell.

During my life, I have known only two true gentlemen; my father, and his brother – Richard Francis Orrell.

Uncle Richard was a lay minister. The first wedding he performed was my parent’s. I was the second person he baptised.

Both he and my father were very soft-spoken, even tempered men.

Uncle Richard has supported everything I’ve done my entire life. He’s always been keenly interested in my genealogy findings and writings.

He is very interested in my entering bible college in the spring and asked all sorts of questions about the college and the courses, yesterday afternoon.

I’m try