Daily Archives: 12/15/2006

Bible Study

I was able to do some bible study this morning.

I woke up at 3:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep; therefore I decided to get up and do something useful.

Right now I’m into the 5th chapter of Matthew. The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible is a real blessing. It takes the time to spell things out and give many examples. It also has some ‘Deeper Study’ areas and suggests items to really think about.

While not cheap, this bible series has proved to be a great purchase.

I started to get a little sidetracked this morning. I made the mistake of turning on the computer to check on a few items. I lost about 20 minutes doing that; however, I got back on track quickly.

At least now, I only have a few things that distract me.

I no longer watch the news, download or listen to talk radio, read and write horror, check out all of the editorial cartoons, write and blog about politics and social issues. It was easy to get sidetracked with everything pulling at me.

Now, about the only thing I continue to do is work on genealogy, as time permits.

It is my hope to completely read the two volumes on Matthew from the Preacher’s Outline & Sermon bible before I begin my independent study course begins at Arlington Bible College.

I think this will help greatly. Then, once the course begins, I can go back into the book of Matthew, cross-referencing all of the other books I have on Matthew.

Got to run – time to leave for work.