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Reverdy Lewin Orrell, Jr.


I worked several hours yesterday scanning, pixel editing, and enhancing the above photo as best I could. I’m far from being a graphics expert, but I think it came out right well.

I scanned at 1200 dpi then saved as a bmp format. This makes for a huge file; however, as my intention was to get a few 8×10, 5×7, and small photos from the image, I needed to use the highest resolution possible.

From there I had to remove the background and also decided to make sure the image was also black at the bottom. This was a slow painful process. I was able to blacken out large portions; however, as I got in very tight I had to switch to a different ‘paint brush’ and work very slowly. Finally, I needed to add the text of my father’s full name and dates.

I then saved to a CD as a bmp to continue with a high resolution. From there I went to WalMart and made the photos. They really came out well. The 3 8x10s for me, my Mom, and my son were crisp. The 5x7s and smaller were also nice. I’m giving my Mom and my son theirs this afternoon. Smaller ones will be distributed amongst family members and friends.

I then reworked the final image to use over at my bible study blog.

Here was the orginal file, as scanned. As you can see I had a distracting background. The photo was landscape, but I needed to crop as a portrait. Also, there is reflection and glare from the flash unit against the glass door.


Office Improvements

I’m nearly finished reconfiguring my office. Photos are not yet available, but will be shortly.

It has really come out well. I’ve removed 5 large Civil War framed posters from my wall, along with several other items. I had a few Cal Ripken items also. These will be given to my son this afternoon. He can either put them in his office or in the club basement he is working on. The only two sports related items I have on the wall are a plaque with a team photo of the 1922 World Champion Baltimore Orioles and a tin plate of the front page of the Baltimore Sun the day after the Baltimore Colts won the football championship in December, 1958.

I also put my Past Master’s plaque on the wall, along with another masonic plaque. I put my two plaques about an article written about me in the Catonsville Times during the Sons of Confederate Veterans vs the State of Maryland. This was when the State of Maryland revoked the SCV organization logo license plates. I had 5 editorials published during this same period.

Along another wall hangs my college degree from UMBC and a photo from tje 1987 Orrell Family Associaiton reunion in which four of the five charter members attended. The photo is signed by the four of us.

I worked on the office late yesterday afternoon and evening, after my big toe started trobbing. On Thursday night, I had a large portion of the toenail sliced off as it was ingrown.

I gathered some of my father’s things to display on one shelf. I was doing OK until I pulled out the Masonic plaque and the cross of praying hands that were displayed in his casket. Then I reached deeper in the bag and noticed there was some left over candy from his viewing.

My father loved ‘green leave’ candy, Goetze’s caramel cremes, and Hershey chocolate bars. He always gave ‘Pitiful’ a chocolate bar every evening and said that was what he was going to do when he got to heaven.

I lost it at that point. I also found the funeral cards for Fred & Mickey Gross, my previous mother and father – in – law. Then I found my grandmother’s card (Mary Martinek Orrell). I decided to display these on the side of the book case, along with my Dad’s card, the Masonic plaque, the cross, and a lamanted bookmarker from my father’s viewing. I must admit that I like the way they look there.

On my father’s shelve I put his Tall Cedars of Lebanon hat, his Boumi Temple fez, his Scottish Rite 32nd degree cap, his glasses, and his wristwatch which was presented to him by John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, when he retired.

I’ll post photos soon.

Memory Verse: Matthew 11:28

Currently I’m reading Matthew, the first book of the New Testament. I’ll be posting a verse or series of verses that I find worthy of memorization. While many people use various translations, I’m from the old school. I believe that any scripture memorization should only be from the King James Version.

  • Matthew 11:28 KJV Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

    Clarke states:
    Mat 11:28 –
    Come unto me – This phrase in the new covenant implies simply, believing in Christ, and becoming his disciple, or follower.

    All ye that labor and are heavy laden – The metaphor here appears to be taken from a man who has a great load laid upon him, which he must carry to a certain place: every step he takes reduces his strength, and renders his load the more oppressive. However, it must be carried on; and he labors, uses his utmost exertions, to reach the place where it is to be laid down. A kind person passing by, and, seeing his distress, offers to ease him of his load, that he may enjoy rest.

    The Jews, heavily laden with the burdensome rites of the Mosaic institution, rendered still more oppressive by the additions made by the scribes and Pharisees, who, our Lord says, (Mat 23:4), bound on heavy burdens; and laboring, by their observance of the law, to make themselves pleasing to God, are here invited to lay down their load, and receive the salvation procured for them by Christ.

    Sinners, wearied in the ways of iniquity, are also invited to come to this Christ, and find speedy relief.

    Penitents, burdened with the guilt of their crimes, may come to this Sacrifice, and find instant pardon.

    Believers, sorely tempted, and oppressed by the remains of the carnal mind, may come to this blood, that cleanseth from all unrighteousness; and, purified from all sin, and powerfully succored in every temptation, they shall find uninterrupted rest in this complete Savior.

    All are invited to come, and all are promised rest. If few find rest from sin and vile affections, it is because few come to Christ to receive it.