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Reverdy Lewin Orrell, Jr.


I worked several hours yesterday scanning, pixel editing, and enhancing the above photo as best I could. I’m far from being a graphics expert, but I think it came out right well.

I scanned at 1200 dpi then saved as a bmp format. This makes for a huge file; however, as my intention was to get a few 8×10, 5×7, and small photos from the image, I needed to use the highest resolution possible.

From there I had to remove the background and also decided to make sure the image was also black at the bottom. This was a slow painful process. I was able to blacken out large portions; however, as I got in very tight I had to switch to a different ‘paint brush’ and work very slowly. Finally, I needed to add the text of my father’s full name and dates.

I then saved to a CD as a bmp to continue with a high resolution. From there I went to WalMart and made the photos. They really came out well. The 3 8x10s for me, my Mom, and my son were crisp. The 5x7s and smaller were also nice. I’m giving my Mom and my son theirs this afternoon. Smaller ones will be distributed amongst family members and friends.

I then reworked the final image for this blog. It is on the right side of the page. If I shrank the image for the size I needed, the text became too small to read. I decided to go with the previous style of putting my father’s name and dates underneath.

Here was the orginal file, as scanned. As you can see I had a distracting background. The photo was landscape, but I needed to crop as a portrait. Also, there is reflection and glare from the flash unit against the glass door.


Pope John Paul II

PopeJohnPaulMontage.jpgI know it’s about 2:15 AM, but I can’t sleep right now. I had another ingrown toenail cut into last night and right about now my big toe is throbbing.

For some reason I woke up thinking about Pope John Paul II. I always admired him. For many people, he was the only Pope they could remember. I can remember previous Popes, but there was always something about him. I’m not Catholic, but I have a tremendous amount of respect for his office. I always thought this man had a compassionate look in his eyes. I looked up to him.

Did I agree with everything he said and the position he took on everything? Certainly not. I am a man, just like he is a man. No two men are ever going to agree on each and every issue. I, for one, thought he should have been forceful with the gay priest scandal in America. Every one of these priests that molested young men should have been deal with by the church, then turned over to authorities. Many were not. That is the one area where I thought he let his followers down. Perhaps he didn’t know of everything. Perhaps he was shielded from the truth and the extent of the problem. However, that is no exuse. Leadership starts at the top in any organization, including the Catholic Church. As my cousin, Pres. Harry S Truman stated, “The buck stops here.”

However, he had a certain warmth and kindness in his smile. I liked it when he met with leaders of the World. He wouldn’t hesitate to scold them on their actions.

This montage is one of my favorites. I saw something similiar to this at a restaurant in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia. I believe the name of the restaurant was called ‘Maria’s’. They had all sorts of various religious photos on the walls. The first time I visited there, Pope John Paul II was gravely ill. It was a few days before he died.

If I ever find this print available in a small 5×7, I’m going to buy it for my office. It shows him at various stages in his life. I’ve seen it available in 11×14, 16×20, and 20×24, but those sizes are just too large for where I would like to put it.

Bible College, Spring 2007

I’ve been giving thought as to what courses I’d like to take at Arlington Bible College in the spring. There are several good courses available.

I’m also taking a serious look at myself and attending classes on campus at night after getting up about 4:30 and a long day at work.

I really have a problem going back out, once I get home. I had therefore consideried going directly to the campus from work.

In looking at the independent study courses offered this semester, I find the following are available:

  • Beatitudes
  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Book of Matthew
  • Introduction to Mission
  • 1 & 2 Samuel / 1 Chronicles

  • The Beatitudes are covered in the book of Matthew and the book of Luke. If I decided to take two independent study course that the Beatitudes and the book of Matthew might be a good match, as I would be covering part of the Beatitudes while studying Matthew. The Beatitudes are found in Matthew 5:1-11 and Luke 6:20-26.

    I haven’t done much study in the Old Testament; therefore, to widen my knowledge, 1 & 2 Samuel and 1 Chronicles might also be a good choice.

    While I know the importance of classroom discussion, I’m starting to lean towards one or two independant study courses. I need to get my feet wet, so to speak.

    Regardless of what I do, I will at least take the independent study course on Matthew. I’ve already decided that, and have prepared by purchasing several commentaries on Matthew.

    Right now, I’m considering taking the two independant study courses of the Beatitudes and Matthew. That would give me six credits for the semester. As there are always five or six different independent study courses offered each semester, with a total of 15 such courses list in the college catalog, I could, conceivably, take two courses each semester for the next several years.

    The independant study courses listed in the catalog are:

  • Ezra & Nehemiah
  • Kings & Chronicles
  • Historical Books
  • Ecclesiastes
  • Minor Prophets
  • Spiritual Leadership
  • Gospel of Matthew
  • Gospel of Mark
  • Gospel of Luke
  • Parables of Jesus
  • I & II Peter
  • Discipleship
  • Personal Christian Growth
  • Holiness: Dream or Reality
  • Godliness: Principle or Practice

  • It is interesting to note that three of the independent study courses being offered in the Spring, 2007 semester (Beatitudes, Introduction to Missions, and 1 & 2 Samuel / 1 Chronicles) are not listed as independent study courses in the college catalog. It is also interesting to note that while Matthew, Mark, and Luke are offered as indepandant study courses, John is not. Rather, it is listed only as a regular course.

    As stated in previous blog entries, there are six mandatory courses required for graduation:

  • New Testament Survey
  • Old Testament Survey
  • Foundational Truths
  • Principles of Biblical Interpretation
  • English Grammar & Composition I
  • English Grammar & Composition II

  • These six classes are only available during weeknight sessions; none are available as independant study courses. In my conversation with the Dean, I’ve been advised advised that since I already have a B.A. degree, it is not necessary for me to take either English Grammar & Composition I or English Grammar & Composition II.

    Therefore, theoretically, I could actually obtain my second B.A. in Biblical Studies by taking twelve independent study courses, along with the other four required courses (only offered in the classroom).

    Perhaps, it is best that I concentrate on the independent courses for a few semesters, before returning to the classroom.

    I took a correspondence course from Writer’s Digest Schools a few years ago and had no trouble with keeping up with the lessons and doing the assignments on my own. The fact that I have researched and written several dozen books shows that I can perform this type of task.

    It would be a way for me to accumulate college credits until I am either ready, or required, to return to the classroom.

    Right now, I’m seriously leaning towards the Beatitudes and Matthew courses.

    My tuition costs would be $97 per credit hour, or $582 for the two courses. If I pay the full tuition at registration the cost drops to $562. That includes the cost of textbooks. Also, the college states that a student who pays the tuition in full at the time of registering will have their choice of 2 books per class from the display table – two courses 4 books (etc), absolutely free as long as supplies last.

    Thus, by paying $562 at the time of registration (plus a one time application fee of $10 – $572 total), I’ll be enrolled in 2 three credit courses, obtain the textbooks for these courses, plus be able to pick out 4 free books.

    Memory Verse: Matthew 10:38

    Currently I’m reading Matthew, the first book of the New Testament. I’ll be posting a verse or series of verses that I find worthy of memorization. While many people use various translations, I’m from the old school. I believe that any scripture memorization should only be from the King James Version.

  • Matthew 10:38 KJV And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me.

    Gill states:
    Mat 10:38 – And he that taketh not his cross, By the ‘cross’, which was a Roman punishment, whereby malefactors were put to death, are meant all sorts of afflictions, reproaches, persecutions, and death itself; and particularly the ill will, hatred, and persecution, of near relations and friends, which must be expected by such, who bear a faithful testimony for Christ. Every minister of Christ, or professor of his name, has ‘his’ own cross, his own particular afflictions, appointed by God, and laid on him by Christ, and which he should cheerfully take up, and patiently bear, for his sake. The allusion is to the custom of persons sentenced to be crucified, to carry their own cross, as Christ did his, and Simon the Cyrenian for him; and which our Lord here may have a respect unto, as well knowing what death he was to die, and that some of his disciples also would die the same death: wherefore Christ says,

    and followeth after me; led on by his example, to preach or profess the Gospel, submit to the ordinances of it, and cheerfully suffer for the sake of it, when called to it. If a man, who would be thought to be a disciple of Christ, is not willing to do all this, but, in order to avoid it, complies with his friends, conforms to the world, and turns his back on Christ; of such an one he may well say, he

    is not worthy of me; it is not convenient that he should stand among his disciples and followers.