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Frederick K. C. Price

Note: This was originally posted on my personal blog in December, 2005.

FrederickPrice.jpgA product of the Los Angeles public school system, Price attended McKinley Elementary School in Santa Monica, Foshay Junior High, Manual Arts and Dorsey High Schools in Los Angeles, and received his AA Degree from Los Angeles City College.

Dr. Price received an honorary diploma from the Rhema Bible Training Center in 1976 and an honorary Doctorate of Divinity Degree from Oral Roberts University in 1982; both institutions are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

On September 6, 2000 , Dr. Price was the first Black pastor to speak at “Town Hall Los Angeles “. In 1998, he received the prestigious “The Horatio Alger Award”, presented by an Alexandria, Virginia-based association honoring those who exemplify inspirational success. Dr. Price also received that year, “The Kelly Miller Smith Interfaith Award”, presented by the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, honoring clergy who have made the most significant contribution through religious expression affecting the nation and world.

A close look at his educational biography shows that he has received honorary degrees, but no actual religious degree from bible institutions.

However, I find him to be an excellent teacher of the word.

There’s only one thing that I dislike about Dr. Price. I find he is very materialistic and often mentions his possessions.



Above is a screenshot from e-Sword. You can see there are 4 panels. The thin one to the far left is a navigation page. You can scroll down, find your verse, click it and watch as the other panels change. Actually the panel to the right only changes when you click on a specific word as the right panel is a dictionary and is word specific.

The top panel is the Bible panel. You can see the various TABS in that section for the various translations.

The bottom panel is the COMMENTARIES or TOPICS panel. You can see the TABS for the various commentaries installed on the computer. One of the TABS in that panel points to TOPICS. There is a small drop down menu at the bottom of that panel. If you select TOPICS, then look at the menu, you will see all of the various topical items installed on the computer.

Perhaps this graphic shows the division more clearly.

Memory Verse: Matthew 7:7

Currently I’m reading Matthew, the first book of the New Testament. I’ll be posting a verse or series of verses that I find worthy of memorization. While many people use various translations, I’m from the old school. I believe that any scripture memorization should only be from the King James Version.

  • Matthew 7:7 KJV Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

    Gill states:
    Mat 7:7 – Ask and it shall be given you, This is to be understood of asking of God in prayer, for such things as are wanting; whether of a temporal nature, as food and raiment, which Christ, in the former chapter, had warned against an immoderate and anxious concern for; or of a spiritual nature, as grace, and wisdom to behave in a proper manner, both towards God and men: and such, who ask according to the will of God, in the name of Christ, and under the direction, guidance, and influence of the Spirit, who ask in faith and fear, and with submission to the divine will, shall have what they ask for; not as what they deserve, but as a free gift.

    Seek, and ye shall find. This is still meant of prayer, and of seeking God, his face and favour: which such shall find, who seek in a right way, by Christ, and with their whole hearts, diligently:

    knock and it shall be opened unto you as beggars do, who use much importunity for relief and assistance. So men should stand and knock at the door of mercy, which will not always be shut against them. Faith in prayer is a key that opens this door, when a poor soul finds grace and mercy to help it in time of need. Our Lord’s design is to express the nature, fervour, and constancy of prayer, and to encourage to it.

  • Believer’s Bible Commentary by William MacDonald

    BelieversBibleCommentaryWilliamMacDonald.jpgI’ve always been a big fan of bible commentaries, whether in printed books or within bible software.

    In book form, I currently have:
    Matthew Henry’s Commentary On The Whole Bible (single volume commentary)
    Matthew Poole’s Commentary On The Bible (3 books)
    J. Vernon McGee – Thru The Bible (3 books)
    NIV Bible Commentary – OldTestament
    NIV Bible Commentary – New Testament

    I’ve heard good reviews about the Believer’s Bible Commentary by William MacDonald. Here is the product review:

    Written to give ‘the average Christian reader a basic knowledge of what the Holy Bible is all about,’ the Believer’s Bible Commentary is a one-volume commentary on the entire Bible based on the New King James Version (NKJV). Author William MacDonald has compiled an insightful and applicable commentary, with introductions, notes, and bibliographies for each book of the Bible. This commentary is both a verse-by-verse exposition (in the New Testament, Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes) and a paragraph-by-paragraph exposition (all other Old Testament books). Passages in the Old Testament which point toward Christ are given special attention.

    Overview of the Believer’s Bible Commentary:
    Theologically conservative (Evangelical)
    Based on the New King James Version (NKJV)
    A combination of verse-by-verse and paragraph-by-paragraphy exposition
    Numerous charts, maps, and illustrations
    Non-technical (no knowledge of Hebrew, Greek or Aramaic necessary)
    Geared toward the average Christian, but helpful to pastors and students as well
    Thorough and comprehensive, yet accessible

    At $19.99, this is a good bargain.

    Down the line, there are a few other complete bible commentaries I wish to purchase. I’m finding the Darby and Gill commentaries (within eSword) to be very handy).