Daily Archives: 11/27/2006

Concerns Regarding Bible College

I’ve sat down and thought about the concerns I have about going to bible college in the spring of 2007.


1. I haven’t been in college or grad school, but for a year and a half, since 1971. That’s 36 years ago.

2. At age 57, I’m tired every night.

3. Once I get home, I’m done for the day. I rarely go back out at night.

4. Many of my fellow students will be much younger than I and have more energy and learning power.

5. Most, if not all, of my fellow students have been regular church goers all of their life. They have attended bible studies for years and have read and know the bible. I will be at a tremendous disadvantage.

6. Due to work and family obligations, I will have a difficulty finding the time to go to school, complete the assignments, and retain the information. (This is a concern for everyone.)

7. My desire might dwindle and I might loose interested in a structured setting.

8. As a member of the Masonic Fraternity, I am aware that many religions frown on such organizations. The baptist church is one of these organizations along with the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod. I will not take off my Masonic ring or belt buckle and hide my membership. I won’t throw it in anyone’s face, but I won’t lie about it either. Before I joined Bethany Lane Baptist Church in the mid 1990’s, I made the Pastor aware of my membership and told him if it was going to be a problem to let me know up front and I wouldn’t join. He said there would be no problem as long as I didn’t use the church as a recruiting ground for the Masons. I just hope there aren’t other students, faculty, or staff, that want to make this an issue. If this happens, I won’t attend. I’m as firm in my beliefs of the Masonic Fraternity as I am in the bible. I see no problems. I’ve read the various anti-Masonic books and articles and know these people are far off base. I will never denounce either the fraternity, God, or the bible. If others have a problem with this, it will be their problem, as I have no intention of arguing my case. I’m there to learn the bible and religion, not argue about the Masonic fraternity. If you don’t want me there, just say it and I will leave. I’m not looking for a confrontation on the issue.

9. In the past, I’ve been easily sidetracked from various things, always getting involved with different projects requiring quite a bit of time. Items such as writing, website, blog, and genealogy, could easily distracted me. I must keep very focused on the task at hand. This will involve spending much less time on the computer and much more time reading and studying. I have to make major changes in my life in this respect and also with gathering the energy needed.

I view the last item (along with items #2 & #3) as being my biggest hurdles.


1. I will study and learn more about the bible than I ever have before. It will give me a better understanding of the word of God.

Somehow the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. I’m looking forward to starting bible college in January. Praying for strength, knowledge, and everyone’s support is important in this matter.