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You might have noticed that I retouched the photo of my father on the right side of this blog.

The original photo had some glare on the background, due to a reflection of the flash against a glass patio door.

I pulled the photo into MicroSoft Image Composer and using both a spray and paintbrush tool, made the background black. This makes the image stand out.

I have several photos of my father, that I really like. However, this one is only a few years old and is one of my favorites.

Nelson KJV Giant Print Bible

SampleBiblePage.jpgAs noted in an earlier entry, I was looking for a single bible to use. I have several study bibles, and would grab a different one each time I read the bible. The problem was that I’d highlight each one, but not have all of the stuff together. I was making myself frustrated and decided to look for one bible that would have many of the features I liked.

The one I decided on did not have all of the features I was looking for. In fact, I don’t think the bible I was looking for, with all the different features I wanted is even made. I decided against a study bible for a few reasons. I have several good study bibles and either single, or multi-set, commenteries. I did not find exactly what I wanted with extra wide margins to make my notes.

However, I came across one from Thomas Nelson Publishers. I chose a King James Version translation with Giant Print. I looked at several ones with ‘Large’ print, but some of these really weren’t that large. This Giant Print bible has a 13.5 point size, which is very nice. It has a center column with references. Also, I got it in black bonded leather with thumb index. It is a ‘red letter’ edition, meaning all of the words Christ spoke are printed in red.

I think what sold me the most was the font size. The 13.5 is very nice. I still have some reference notes in it, although not to the extent of a study bible. One reason I chose against a study bible, was that sometimes they can be a little distracting.

One of the ads for the bible states the following.

Set in giant print type (13 1/2 point), this King James Giant Print Bible is great for individual study, teaching, or reading from the pulpit. It makes using a reference Bible more comfortable and less eye-straining. Added features include: center-column references and notes in large type, translation notes, topical running heads, self-pronouncing text, and stars to mark messianic prophecies. The affordable price and beautiful leather binding make this a great choice for anyone who is looking for value in a giant print Bible.

I was able to purchase the bible for $40. I must admit it is very readable at a 13.5 point font size. Also, I purchased a dozen or so, ‘dry’ highlighters last year. The dry highlighters are nice as they don’t bleed through the page, onto the other side. I can’t use a ‘flair’ type pen; instead, I must use a ballpoint pen, if I want to write anything on a page.