Daily Archives: 11/20/2006

My Father & Other Items

Today marks the one month anniversary of my father’s death. I can’t believe it’s been that long already. To say I miss him is an understatement. However, I’d rather see him at peace then the way he was the last month he lived. He could hardly walk or get around. He couldn’t eat. Towards the end, he couldn’t even drink.

He’s in a much better place now, although I feel he is still with me. From nowhere I’ll get the feeling that he is right here with me. It’s comforting.

I’m off work this week. I had wanted to get quite a few things done this week and really wanted to try and get back into the swing of things.

Nora and I did go out Friday night for our 7th wedding anniversary. That was very nice. Saturday, Nora, her father, and I, went to breakfast; then, I took my mother to the graveyard. When I came home I ordered 21 volumes of the Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible for my collection. I’m looking forward to receiving this collection in the loose leaf bound version. I’m thinking about scanning to PDF format, so I can put onto the computer. I might even then convert the PDF files to Word format. I downloaded a sample PDF from their website and was able to convert the other day. This works well.

Saturday afternoon I took a short nap, then drove to Windsor, Pennsylvania, picked up my son; and drove to Hershey for the ice hockey game. Reb & I had a great time. I bought a few presents for my future grandson. I got a very nice plush bear, a toy Zamboni, and a toy Hershey Bear’s bus. I thought it wise to have on hand as I think Sara might deliver by Christmas. She is due on January 5th, but I don’t think she’ll make it that long.

While at the game there was a young girl sitting in back of us. She wasn’t probably older than 5 or 6. She was very cute and kept telling the Hershey Bears to ‘put it in the net’. I can’t wait until my grandson is old enough to enjoy hockey and baseball. We’ll go to quite a few games. York, Pennsylvania is going to have a minor league baseball team this year. Reb & I intend to go to several games. We’ll take my mother with us. She doesn’t like ice hockey but loves baseball. I took her to a Hagerstown (MD) Suns game in August, 2005. It was a perfect night for the game and she really enjoyed it. My father said that is all she talked about for months.

Yesterday was spent at home in my office. I labeled up envelopes for Christmas cards, signed cards, and got most of them ready for mailing today. For the last few years I’ve sent out a booklet of my writings during the year. I did this in 2003 & again in 2004. Actually, in 2004, I sent out two booklets. One was the regular booklet and another was a booklet I had written about telemarketers. I didn’t send one out last year. I did quite a bit of writing last year, but most of it was for my horror novel “Siamese Sister”.

This year I got back to writing about April and wrote quite a few political and social commentary / satire pieces about the illegal immigration mess this country is going through. I also included part of a chapter of my novel. Finally, I included the eulogy I did for my father. Many people wanted copies of it. This year’s booklet was the largest I’ve done. It went 52 pages. Xeroxing at Office Depot was very expensive, as costs have gone up. I think if probably cost me about $1.50 each to have printed. To that I add the cost of the mail and postage. I’m not sure what the postage will be for each one mailed out. I’m including a Christmas card in each one. It probably runs me a good $3.00 total for printing, mailer, and postage. Since I send out about 100 each year, it does get rather expensive. It’s difficult to say if I will continue to do this in the future. The cost is high.

Also, I’ve really lost my enthusiam for reading and writing horror and social and political pieces. It’s gone; perhaps forever. I no longer listen to any of the talk shows. I had a subscription to Rush Limbaugh’s and Michael Savage’s websites and would download their previous day’s shows onto the computer in mp3 format. Then I’d burn them to a CD once a week for my father. I found myself doing this again last week without thinking. I can’t even stand to watch the news shows. I would really only watch Fox News, rarely CNN. I now find the announcers to be very silly in the morning show. I don’t even watch it anymore.

I also spent some time yesterday reading E.M. Bounds book on prayer. I like his style. He writes short, powerful sentences that are easy to understand.

This morning I’m working in my office. I still have more straightening up to do. A few weeks ago, I bought a collection of ‘get well’, ‘birthday’, and ‘sympathy’ cards. I haven’t been good about sending cards out in the past. I learned quite a bit during my father’s last month and since then. He got a huge collection of ‘get well’ and ‘birthday’ cards. He really liked them. Also, I read every sympathy card I received several times. We’ve saved every one of them. They meant quite a bit. I’m putting all of the cards I bought together today, close at hand, to send out when needed.

Today, I want to make a decision on something. I have several ‘study bibles’.

  • Ryrie Study Bible – King James Version

  • NIV Study Bible – New International Version

  • John Hagee Life Plan Study Bible – New King James Version

  • Charles Stanley Life Principles Study Bible – New King James Version

  • Scofield Stye System Bible – New King James Version

  • I’ve used them all, and have marked up and have various notes in each. That’s part of the problem. I’ll grab a different one each time, but want to decide on just one to use as my main study bible. The other’s will be used as a backup for reference. Actually, I’m not entirely sure if I’ll use one of these, or purchase another. All have some things that I really like. Most have cross references in the margins. I like that every much. I also like having notes at the bottom of the page to explain different things, but I can get along without that. As I’m getting older, I’m leaning towards a larger print bible. Also, I would like wide margins on each page to make my own notes. Finally, I would like one that is already indexed. I add ‘tags’ to my bible, but find they can rip the page rather easily. Boy, I sure have quite a few requirements:

  • Larger print
  • Wide margins
  • Chain reference
  • Soft Cover
  • Red Letter edition (Words of Christ in red)
  • Indexed
  • Pages can’t be tissue thin for highlighter or ink to bleed through
  • Study notes (if possible)
  • Translation ???

  • Of the items listed above the study notes, red letter edition, and indexed are the least important; while the thickness of pages, wide margins, chain reference, and larger print are the most important. I would probably either go with a King James Version or New King James Version. Although I’ve used the NIV and have read portions of the ESV, I would probably not go with them as my main study bible.

    I’m meeting Tom for lunch today. I’m going to go to His Way Christian Bookstore in Glen Burnie and take my time looking at the various bibles. They also have a store in Ellicott City. I could check there also. Sometimes the supplies are different. I’ll try to get a better idea of what is available and price range. Then I can always write the information down and check for costs on the internet.

    Nora also wants me to check out a digital camera for Christmas. With the grandson on the way, it would be nice to have a digital camera. Talk about styles, features, and price range! That’s enough to make your head spin around in circles.

    I have to run now. I need to get the various greeting cards in order and clean up the kitchen, before I get out of here today.

    With a little luck, I’ll hear back from Arlington Bible College before I leave. I’d like to go there tonight and talk to someone and possibly sit in on a class.