Daily Archives: 11/19/2006

A Little Update

In a previous posting of the other day I mentioned that I felt as if my father was still with me. Sometimes I can ‘smell’ him. I had also mentioned that my mother heard sounds in the kitchen during the middle of the night and felt someone tugging on her leg.

I mentioned this to my son the other day. He said that ever since my father died, doors have been opening and closing by themself in his house. This had never happened before and had just only started.

Specifically, he said that the door to the baby’s nursery was constantly opening and closing.

It’s like my father is still around, waiting on his great grandson and checking on his room.

I mentioned everything to Nora. She said that I did ask my father to send us a sign to let us know he was OK. This could be his way of doing just that.

Bible College & Bibles

Yesterday I phoned the Scripture Truth Book Company and placed an order for the 14 loose leaf volumes of the New Testament in the King James version. I also ordered the first seven loose leaf volumes of the Old Testament, which covers Genesis through Deuteronomy (commonly known at the First Five Books Of Moses or Pentateuch (a Greek word that is derived from two words: penta meaning “five”, and teukhos which means “implement” which refers to the Hebrew Bible’s books of Genesis, Exodus , Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) It is also sometimes referred to as the Torah, which is a Hebrew word meaning “teaching,” “instruction,” or “law”.

Wikapedia states: For Jews, the Torah was traditionally accepted as the literal word of God as told to Moses. For many, it is neither exactly history, nor theology, nor legal and ritual guide, but something beyond all three. It is the primary guide to the relationship between God and man, and the whole meaning and purpose of that relationship, a living document that unfolds over generations and millennia.

I’ve always enjoyed reading the first five books of the Old Testament, along with Psalms, and Proverbs.

The Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible series has not yet published Psalms or Proverbs. Currently, they have completed Genesis, Exodus , Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, 1st & 2nd Samuel, 1st & 2nd Kings, 1st & 2nd Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Esther, Isiah, and Jeremiah.

I’ll slowly add others to my collection; however, today’s total was $607.95. I’m using income from my web design business to pay for these bibles. Hopefully, customers will pay their 2007 invoices before the end of this year!

I’m also going to use income from the web design business to fund part of my tuition at Arlington Bible College. I phoned them yesterday and ask for an application. I’ll have to contact UMBC and have my transcript sent to them.

I asked Arlington Bible College to call me before noon on Monday. As I’m off next week and in town on Monday, I’d like to stop there Monday evening and talk to someone about the Spring semester. I’m also going to request permission to sit in on a Monday night class to get the feel of the college. That will be very helpful in making my final decision about attending in the spring.

I’m going to probably see about purchasing a few more study bibles and commentaries. I get quite a lot out of the various commentaries and find them very useful. I have, in book format, Zondervan’s NIV Old & New Testament Bible Commentary (two hardbound volumes – 2,801 pages), J. Vernon McGee’s ‘Thru The Bible’ series (5 hardbound books – 1,080 pages), Matthew Henry’s Complete & Unabridged Commentary on the Whole Bible (one hardbound volume – 2,485 pages), and Matthew Poole’s Commentary on the Holy Bible (5 hardbound volumes – 1008 pages). I refer to these all of the time.

Within eSword, I currently have 19 bible commentaries. While I like have the commentaries in electronic format, nothing beats the printed word.

Oh yes, within Quick Verse 8, I also have several commentaries.

I understand that the Expositor’s Bible Commentary (12 volumes, edited by Fran E. Gaebelein) is another very good source. Currently, ChristianBook.com is selling this set at $119.99. It retails for $456.88.

Arlington Bible College has a library that I would like to check out when I visit.

I hadn’t thought of it until yesterday, but it is possible, after I receive the Preacher’s Outline & Sermon Bible in loose-leaf format, to take everything out of the binders, and scan everything into PDF format. This way, I can always have it on my hard drive and with me, at all times.