Daily Archives: 11/17/2006

Arlington Bible College & Preacher’s Sermon Bible

Nora and I discussed the possibility of me taking a course (or two) at Arlington Bible College in the spring.

She’s reminded me that over the years, I’ve said things like that before but never carried them out. I did take a course through Writer’s Digest, but did take a few months off in the middle of it, before I completed it. Also, I signed up for another writing course, but dropped it after two weeks. The course was advertised as a ‘mystery’ writing class, but was very slanted to crime novels. That was the reason for that.

She also reminded me that I’m very tired when I get home at night and hate to go back out. There’s no arguing with that, as it is 100% correct. I’m just feeling this is something I really want to do and will make every effort to carry it through.

However, with that said, she is behind me 100% in going back to college. I’ve been away for about 31 years now. The last time I attended any courses was in the Master’s program in Criminal Justice at the University of Baltimore. (And, NO, I didn’t complete the entire program, as I left the criminal justice field).

It is possible I might take one class on campus (1 night a week), plus take one independant study course. That would give me six credits.

As I’m off work next week, I might go up there on Monday night to talk with an advisor. I might ask if I can sit in on a class to get the feel of being in the classroom again.

Also, tomorrow I’m going to see about purchasing the Preacher’s Outline & Sermon bible as written about in previous postings. I’d purchase the entire New Testament (14 volumes), plus the first five books of the Old Testament (7 volumes). I’m going to call tomorrow to check on the availability of the loose leaf version.