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TV & Radio Pastors -Preachers – Teachers

Note: This was originally posted on my personal blog in December, 2005.

Years ago I worked as a manager for a courier company. I spent quite a few hours during the day driving. For many years, I would tune in to the various Christian stations in the Baltimore area. At that time, I believe there were only two stations that I could clearly get.

Some of the Preachers / Pastors / Teachers from the below list are very well known. Certainly nearly everyone has heard of Dr. Jerry Falwell. One was originally known for other reasons. Chuck Colson, was involved with Wategate. Most were only known through their religious broadcasts either on TV or radio. Some had both TV and radio programs; others had only a radio program.

While I would often listen to the music, I preferred broadcasts (TV and radio) from many ministers or teachers. Some of my favorites were:

  • J. Vernon McGee (Through The Bible)

  • Charles Stanley (In Touch)

  • Frederick K.C. Price (Ever Increasing Faith)

  • Jerry Falwell (Old Time Gospel Hour)

  • Chuck Colson (Break Point)

  • Tony Evans (The Urban Alternative)

  • Chuck Swindoll (Insight For Living)

  • Jack Hayford (Living Way)

  • David Jeremiah (Turning Point)

  • Harold Camping (Open Forum)

  • John Hagee

  • Kenneth Copeland (Believer’s Voice Of Victory)

    I’m going to make a few entries highlighting some of the above mentioned persons and their shows. Some I still enjoy listening too, others I stopped listening to for one reason or another.