Monthly Archives: September 2004

Settlement on Chocolate Mousse

We settled on Chocolate Mousse on Friday. Everything went rather smoothly. The only issue that arose was that the plumber did not do the repair work properly. It’s always the same story whenever you have this type of work done in West Virginia. I don’t understand how companies even stay in business. We are now in contact with them to come back and do the work properly. The sad thing is that we come off looking bad to the new owners.

The new owners were fantastic. We hit it off with them the moment they came into the settlement attorney’s office. They rescued a greyhound. Armani is beautiful and very friendly. We went back over to their cabin on Friday afternoon to show them things they needed to know. When leaving, Nora invited Dave and Joan over to our place for dessert.

They brought Armani, and we had a ball. Dave and Joan love the secluded setting and the area. We look forward to getting together with them in West Virginia.