Reb & Sara

Here’s a photo of Reb & Sara, probably taken about a year ago.

24 Hours & Answered Prayer

The period from about 7 PM Friday night to 7 PM Saturday night was one of the best 24 hours we’ve had in a long time.
We went over to Nora’s Dad’s on Friday night. We was watching Nora’s sister’s children Jenna & Jonathan for the evening. We had a great time with the kids. Nora taught Jenna how to make homemade fudge and I spent a few hours playing chess and talking to Jonathan. I introduced him to chess problems. Later Jonathan and I played a few games of ‘giveaway chess’, a chess variant I taught him about a year ago. We then played ‘Scottish Chess’, another chess variant game that I taught Jon. We had a great time.
I got up very early Saturday morning on my church photographing mission. I arrived at Sacred Heart of Jesus about 7:30 AM, well before the early Mass. I met with the Priest who allowed me to photograph the church. Actually, he was nice enough to walk around with me while I photographed the stations of the cross. This church is one of the most beautiful neighborhood churches you’ll ever find. The two side altars were outstanding. I promised him I’d bring Nora back for a service.
I then left and traveled a few blocks away to St. Elizabeth of Hungary. My friend and regular blog reader Jean J goes there. I was hoping to attend their early AM service, but found the church closed. I was able to take a few exterior photos which will appear on this blog.
I then drove to St. Phillip Neri Catholic Church in Linthicum, arriving just in time for the rosary. Afterward, I photographed the main church and the stations of the cross.
Finally, I decided to swing by Holy Trinity Catholic Church on Baltimore Annapolis Blvd in Glen Burnie. This was another church I had photographed at years ago. I am still stuck by it’s beauty. I arrived just as Mass was started, officiated by Fr. Tony. Fr. Tony also comes over to the Roman Catholic Church of the Crucifixion. Afterwards I photographed the church and the stations. I also really need to take Nora back there. This is her style church – small in size and warm in feeling. I’ll also be posting those photos.
I have hundred of photos not yet seen on the blog that I’m working on. I came home and worked on the website for an hour of so, then left to pick up my Mom and head to Pennsylvania.
We had a wonderful Mother’s Day (yesterday) in Pennsylvania. Our grandson Jackson was ready to go and was on the move. He was in great spirits and moved nonstop the entire time! He’s starting to talk and his mouth was never shut!
Nora got two great photos for Mother’s Day which will appear on the blog.
Jackson also started calling my Mother “G-G”, his attempt at ‘Great Grand Mom”.
A future entry will involve Jackson’s starting to continue a tradition from the Malle – Orrell families. More on that later with photos!
The highlight of the day was learning that my son Reb got a new job in Pennsylvania, only 17 miles from home. The long hour and 15 minutes to hour and a half (one way) drive is coming to an end. Gone will be the $115-$150 per week. Reb will gain an extra 10 hours per week, saving the travel time. The wear and tear on his truck will cut back. Plus there’s just the fact that after a two year search, he’s working closer to home. The pay is about the same (a little higher), so will the gas savings, he’ll be doing much better. There will also be a chance for some overtime which will help out even more. He’ll gain having his nights, weekends, and holidays off, although he might start on a noon to 8 PM shift and might have to work some Saturdays (which will be overtime). That’s the best news we’ve had and our prayers, although two years in the making have been answered.
Photos to follow.

Family & Friends

Nora and I are going to take Jean J. on our next visit to the Basilica and Monsastery in Washington, D.C. Jean and I go way back together. In fact we first met in 1970 while attending UMBC. Jean and I were in a few social work classes together. Her twin sister Joan was my mentor at my social work field assignment during the summer of 1970. I’ve only seen her once since then (about 1985-6) at a get together for Baltimore City Bureau of Recreation. Her husband, Lou, worked for Baltimore City Recreation as did my best friend, Tom Overton.
Tom has kept in touch with Jean for many years and Jean started visiting my blog and sending me emails a few years ago. We’re looking forward to getting together with her. We also want to take Nora’s Dad back with us on a trip (He’s gone with us once before).
Also my Aunt Mary and her friend Pauline, want to go with us one time. It is so nice to have so many friends and family who share in the love of the Lord.

Blog Info & Other Items

Currently this blog has 805 entries that have either been published and available for viewing or are scheduled to be published in the future.
I’ve just checked and find there are 151 blog entries scheduled to be published. I generally try to published at least one every day and published two on most days. Generally, one of these is a photo of a church, statue or some other type of religious artwork (i.e. inspirational photo, scene from Life of Christ, etc).
Currently, I have items scheduled to be published until the first part of July. I also have about 18 other items to get ready for the blog. These are a series of ‘letters’ to God by small children.
Additionally, I probably have close to 200 pieces of Christian artwork depicting the Life of Christ that must be prepared. I need to match them up with the proper scripture, then create the blog entry.
My inspirational photos and verses seem to be a big hit. I have a collection of (currently) 108 photos that are just wonderful. Many have been published and many more are scheduled for publishing. It takes a little time adjusting the photos to the proper size for the blog and deciding which bible verse will sit nicely on top of the photo. This is something I work on from time to time.
Another item I receive feedback on are the photos from the Basilica & Monastery in Washington, D.C. People seem to like these photos. I have about 175 additional photos from these two place that I have not yet gone through. Many might be ‘repeats’ and will not be published; however, many are photos taken on a second or third trip to these two locations which I have not yet sorted through. More trips are planned to the Basilica & Monastery in D.C.
Down the line I want to redesign the website and put up sections of the various stages of Christ’s life. I also need to scan many postage stamps from around the world showing the Life of Christ. That will be a major project, but something that will be outstanding.
Of course, I need to spend time on my Liberty Home BIble Institute course. Sadly, I have not done much with it since receiving it about a month ago. More on that in an upcoming blog entry.
I also intend to get back into writing more. For years, this blog (which was under another name) was a politically incorrect blog centering on the foolish nature of society and how the liberals are destroying this nation and world. I stopped that version of the blog several months ago and will not return to that style of writing and blog. However, I want to write some religious artices or sermons, reflecting my thoughts and beliefs on the bible and it’s teachings. That’s something I think I might have some minor talent for.

Problems in West Virginia (#1)

Two weeks ago I wrote of problems at our WV home with a tree coming down and knocking out power and phone. The power was correct quickly. We had someone go in the house. They advised the phone was not working, but the cable TV was OK.
Since we going on vacation in two weeks, we needed to make sure the phone and DSL were working. Nora is still finishing up her online Food Safety Course and needs internet service, either with dial up (regular phone line) or DSL (high speed). I called Verizon and advise them to fix the phone. I also advised them to stop down at the main office of the resort complex to pick up the key to the house. They went out and I called the next day. They said everything was OK. When I called the number it just rang.
Yesterday, we did a quick up and back trip to the house to check everything out. I’m glad we did. The phone is still not working. Obviously, they didn’t even go inside to check the phones out. I unplugged the outside connections, and reset the inside phones by unplugging them. No dial tone. I even plug a phone directly into an outside jack. No service. Everything was dead.
There was still a line down in the driveway. The cable was working; however, everything was fuzzy.
Now Nora needs to take off a day early and I need to schedule another appointment on the Friday before vacation to get the phone lines fixed. I’ll have to schedule the cable company to come out the same day to restring the wire and clear up the TV pictures.
If we hadn’t gone up to check out everything we’d have a real mess. Hopefully everything will be repaired on that Friday and we’ll have DSL, phone, and cable by that afternoon.

Problems in West Virginia (#2)

I received a call from the power company about 9:30 AM yesterday. They advised they were able to restore power to the West Virginia home.
I imagine they had to do a little tree trimming and probably had to cut up the tree that took the power line down. They did not report any problem to the house or property.
I’ve have to access the problem the next time I get to West Virginia. With well over a hundred trees on the front of the property it’s difficult to say which one fell and took out the power line. We did have several tall pine trees that looked a little bad in the front yard. I’ll just deal with everything when I get up there in a few weeks.

Problems in West Virginia (#3)

We received a call from security at our resort in West Virginia at 12:30 AM this morning advising that a tree had fallen down and had taken down the power lines.
Being two hours away I can’t tell what, if any, damage there might be to the actual house.
I’ve placed a call to the power company who said they’ll send someone out to check and put the lines back up.
I’m hoping they can repair without us having to get someone out there to cut up the tree, which more than likely is on top of the power line.
I gave them my cell phone number and have asked for them to call and update me when everything is done.

Upcoming Vacation

One month from today we’ll be on vacation in West Virginia. We really don’t have much planned (which is good).
Nora will need to work the first weekend of vacation on the course she is taking on Food Safety. By sometime on that Monday she’ll be completely finished and ready to celebrate.
I’m hoping that some of the Oriole’s baseball games are televised during the vacation. We went on vacation a little earlier last year (the opening week of baseball), and were able to see about five games during that period.
I’ll probably spend some time on the LHBI course, but don’t want to work all day, every day on it. Doing so makes it become ‘work’, which is what I’m on vacation from.
I’ll probably spend a good day or so working on future blog entries. I have many inspirational photos that I can still use. I just need to come up with an appropriate verse for the photos. I also have several nice paintings of the Life of Christ. I’ll get some of them ready for the blog, picking out and adding the appropriate verse to the painting for a blog entry.
I don’t want to spend all of my vacation ‘working’ on the items above. I could really use some rest and relaxation. I’ll need to spend a few hours working outside in West Virginia on the property.
I also might take this time to try and do some writing for the website and blog. I’ve got a few ideas banging around in my head.
Regardless, the purpose of the vacation is to relax and take it easy. It’s time to recharge my internal batteries.

Jackson Reverdy Orrell – Out of Surgery

JacksonGrandpop2008Jan.jpgI received a call from Sara about an hour ago. Jackson is out of surgery and doing well.
This little guy has had his share of problems since being born 14 months ago. He has asthma and acid reflux. Also, he’s had more than eight ear infections. We didn’t know if they were going to operate on him today, as he was slightly congested. However, the doctors thought everything was safe this morning and proceeded with his ear operation.
They drained fluid, cleaned out his ears, and inserted drains in both ears. They now hope that the acid reflux problem will begin to solve itself. While he should be on stage three baby food and some table items, he’s still only really eating stage two with some stage three. The feeling is that the ear problem is related and with that cleared up he can start to eat and grow better.
We are going to Pennsylvania on Saturday to pay a visit. He’s walking well now and is all over the place. In fact, he took his first steps on his first birthday.

Jonathan Harrity – One Nice Young Man

JonathanUncleReb.jpgWe live in a society where many young children are impolite, dishonest, and down right horrible to be around.
I am pleased to have a niece and a nephew who are not like that. Jenna & Jonathan are two lovely children, who’s parents have done a wonderful job raising them.
I am also fortunate to have a cousin (Mary Lynn) who has two children (a boy and a girl) about the same age as Jenna & Jonathan. Mary Lynn and Paul children’s are Mary Beth & Paulie.
We’ve have several 4th of July parties where all four children have been around. They get along great.
Jon frequently visits the blog and is especially interest in the various photos and entries.
Jonathan turns 10 years old today. The photo to the left was taken about a year ago.
Happy Birthday Jon ! Your Aunt Nora and Uncle Reb love you very much.
Aunt Nora and I look forward to taking you bowling for your birthday.