Sacred  Heart  of  Jesus  -  Baltimore  City,  Maryland

Stations of the Cross
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Basilica - Baltimore
Basilica - DC
Church of the Crucifixion
Franciscan Monastery - DC
Grotto - Emmitsburg MD
Holy Trinity
National Cathedral - DC
Our Lady's Center - MD
Resurrection - MD
Sacred Heart Jesus - BALTO
Seton Shrine - MD
St Alphonsus - BALTO
St Anthony Monastery - MD
St Elizabeth of Hungary
St Jane Frances MD
St Joseph's Monastery - Balto
St Joseph's - WV
St Jude Shrine
St Leo - BALTO
St Mary's - Hagerstown MD
St Michael - Ukarian BALTO
St Paul's - Ellicott City MD
St Phillip & James BALTO
St Phillip Neri
St. Vincent de Paul - BALTO
St Vincent de Paul - WV

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Sacred Heart of Jesus - Baltimore City, Maryland

Details to follow later.  This is absolutely one of the most beautiful churches I've ever been in.  Be sure to look at the photo pages and the Stations of the Cross.  As with Holy Trinity, I photographed a wedding there about 1978-1980.  I was struck by its beauty.  Their Stations of the Cross easily ranks in the top five that I've photographed.
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