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Sons  of  Confederate  Veterans

Photo taken for the
Catonsville Times, January, 1997

My son and I joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans several years ago after my researched proved our direct line ancestor Richard Benson Stewart, Sr. served for the 9th Virginia Calvary, Co. K.  He had two sons who also served in the Confederacy.  They were Reverdy B. Stewart and Lewin R. Stewart.  As it turns out my grandfather (and subsequently my father, myself, and my son) were all named for these Confederates.

We are proud to be members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and of the Col. Harry Gilmore Camp #1388 of Baltimore, Maryland.  At the same time we joined the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War as we had three direct ancestors who served the Union.  They were Edward V. Orrell, Clement Henrickle and his father-in-law Alexander Coleman (all serving for Maryland).

My involvement in the Sons of Confederate Veterans, stems from my interest in genealogy and in American History.  Along the way I have learned the Civil War, as learned in the Baltimore City Public School system, came from purely a Yankee viewpoint.  'To the victor goes the spoils'.  The North won the war, and wrote the history books. 

A true study of the Civil War reveals that slavery was not the cause of the rebellion.  While it certainly was part of the conflict between the North and South leading up to the war, it was not the major reason as the politically correct retards would like you to believe.  These same delusionists would have you believe that only racists join the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  I will not even waste my time commenting on that issue.

During early January, 1997, the Department of Motor Vehicles, with the permission of the pathetic governor of Maryland, and the Maryland Department of Transportation, illegally revoked the Organization Logo License Plates of the SCV.  This led to a lawsuit which was judged upon in favor of our organization in a record thirty-three days in Federal Court.  My son and I collaborated to write a book entitled Flag Tag Gate, on the lawsuit.






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