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Reverdy Lewin Orrell, III
First Six Generations - Ancestral Chart


(Note:  The above covers six generations.  Many of these family lines
have been researched back over a dozen generations.)

I became interested genealogy in 1985 and have been researching all of my son's lines since then.  Along the way I started the Orrell Family Association and began writing a quarterly newsletter along with Robert Stanley Orrell (Daytona Beach, Florida) and Terence Anthony David Orrell (Bolton, England).

Along the way about 38 issues of the newsletter were written along with 35 books on various family lines.  Currently my computer genealogy database includes over 26,000 persons, all connected to my son.  I have also taught genealogy for Catonsville Community College, Anne Arundel County Adult Education, and Baltimore County Adult Education.  I have also spoken before several genealogical associations and societies.

From August, 2000 until November, 2003, the family association maintained a website presence.  The website contained 4,000 scanned images and documents, several complete genealogy databases, and about 25,000 pages incorporating close to one million hyperlinks.  The website was taken down around Thanksgiving 2003, due to increasing costs.  In December, 2004, I put a very small website back online for the Orrell Family Association.  It mainly serves as a contact point for people interested in the Orrell surname.


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