Something You Won’t See Again (#3)

GeorgeWashingtonPrayerValleyForge1928USstamp.jpgThis U.S. postage stamp from 1928, shows George Washington in prayer at Valley Forge during the Revolutionary War.
I doubt we’d ever see new postage stamps (with the possible exception of Christmas stamps), depicting someone in prayer. No, we can’t do that in our politically correct society. Nowadays the belief is that ‘man’ knows best, not God.
We probably couldn’t even have a TV series like we did, called “Father Knows Best”. Someone might think the “Father” that knows best is the Almighty Father in Heaven. Besides, the earthly father doesn’t know anything nowadays. That’s why we have MTV and CNN. You’ll find very shows on TV with strong parents.
You’ll also notice that ‘In God We Trust’ is on the stamp. Luckily we still have ‘In God We Trust’ on our currency. There have been lawsuits to remove it from currency over the years.

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