Something You Won’t See Again (#2)

Apollo8PostageStamp.jpgHere’s a U.S. postage stamp from about 1968. Take a good look at it.
It’s something you will probably never see again from the United States.
The first part of Genesis 1:1 is quoted “In the beginning … God”.
I can remember when prayer was in schools and when it was removed due to the likes of Madalyn Murray O’Hair, a well known American atheist and activist. In fact, she was living in Baltimore when the lawsuit was underway.
Since 1968, attacks against religion, and especially Christianity, have been commonplace in the United States. Our liberal courts have routinely sided against the bible and religion.
I do gain comfort in knowing that the elected lawmakers and judges will have to account for their actions (just as I will) before God when our life ends.
Their social status, when alive, will mean nothing when they die. We will all be judged by God’s rules.
Their ‘politically correct’ actions will hurt them. I used to have a slogan up on this blog. It said
I’d Rather Be Biblically Correct, Than Politically Correct

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