Jackson Reverdy Orrell & Lentil Soup #2

Reb’s dog Hamish is now close to ten years old. He’s the doggy garbage disposal in their household. Naturally, he’s right there when Jackson is eating.
Look closely at the photo below and you’ll see how much Jackson loves lentil soup. You can just see the top of Hamish’s head in the lower right portion.
Jackson is giving Hamish a serious look while eating his lentil soup.
The next rite of initiation will be braunswager sandwiches with ketchup and onion. We figure this will take place next year at a baseball game. You just can’t go to a ballgame without braunswager sandwiches.
After that, we’ll give him a nice garlic bologna sandwich with some good spicy mustard! Nothing better than that, but it’s got to be a good brand of lunchmeat for a good garlic taste.
After that we’ll let him try some sliced chesse on Ritz crackers with some syrup on top. That’s been a big family treat for years.
Then, we he gets a little older, we’ll let him try a very lean raw beef sandwich with onion and salt and pepper. I’ll guess we’ll wait on the raw oysters for a few more years.
Nora and Sara just shake their heads.
“Hamish – you’re crazy if you think I’m sharing any of my lentil soup with you!”

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