Catholic Religious Orders

Here is a listing of the various Catholic orders. This list was obtained from Wikipedia at this location. Visit that page, find the order you are interested in, then click the hyperlink to be taken to that order.
Adorers (Adorers of the Blood of Christ) – A.S.C.
Adornos (Clerics Regular Minor) – C.R.M.
Adrian Dominican Sisters
Alexians – C.F.A.
Angelic Sisters of St. Paul – A.S.S.P. (1535)
Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – A.S.C.J.
Assumptionists – A.A. (1845)
Little Sisters of the Assumption
Religious of the Assumption
Atonement, Society of the (Atonement Friars/Graymoor Friars/Sisters) – S.A. (1909)
Augustinian Recollects – (Order of the Augustinians Recollects) – O.A.R. (1912)
Augustinian Sisters, Servants of Jesus and Mary – A.S.J.M.
Augustinians (Order of Saint Augustine) – O.S.A. (1256)
Augustinians of Kansas: Society of Saint Augustine – S.S.A. (1981)
Baladites (Order of Lebanese Maronite) – O.L.M.
Barnabites (Clerics Regular of Saint Paul) – B., C.R.S.P. (1530)
Benedictines (Order of Saint Benedict) – O.S.B. (1216)
Benedictine Oblates of St Scholastica
Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (1874)
Bernardine Cistercian Sisters of Esquiermes
Bernardines (also see Cistercians) (1098)
Bon Secours Sisters – C.B.S. (1824)
Brigidine Sisters
Bridgettines (Order of Our Savior) – O.Ss.S. (1350)
Brotherhood of Hope – B.H. (1980)
Brothers Hospitallers of St. John of God (Order of Hospitallers) – O.H. (1572)
Brothers of Christian Instruction of St Gabriel – F.S.G. (1711)
Brothers of Mercy of Our Lady of Perpetual Help – f.m.m.
Brothers of the Christian Schools (Lasallian Brothers or Christian Brothers) – F.S.C. (1680)
Brothers of the Poor of St. Francis of Assisi (Brothers CFP located in the United States, Belgium, The Netherlands, and Brazil, Regular Third Order)
Brothers of the Sacred Heart – S.C. (1821)
Camaldolese (Camaldolese Benedictines) – O.S.B. Cam.
Camaldolese Hermits of the Congregation of Monte Corona – Er.Cam.
Camillians (Order of Saint Camillus) – O.S.Cam.
Canonesses of St. Augustine – C.R.O.S.A.
Canons Regular of Saint John Cantius – S.J.C. (2006)
Canons Regular of the Holy Cross OSC
Canons Regular Canons Regular of St. Augustine CRSA
Canons Regular of the Immaculate Conception
Canons Regular of the New Jerusalem – C.R.N.J. (2002)
Canons Regular of the Order of the Holy Cross (Crosiers)
Canossians (Canossian Daughters and Sons of Charity) – F.D.D.C.
Capuchins (Order of Friars Minor Capuchin) – O.F.M. Cap. (1520)
Capuchin Poor Clares
Carmelites (Order of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel) – O.Carm., O.C.D., O.C.D.S. (1209)
Carmelites of Mary Immaculate – C.M.I. (1831)
Carmelite Daughters of the Divine Heart of Jesus – D.C.J. (1891)
Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm
Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles
Carthusians – O.Cart. (1084)
Celestines (defunct) (1244)
Christian Brothers of Ireland – C.F.C. (1802)
Cistercians (Cistercians of the Ancient Observance)- O.Cist./S.O.Cist
Claretians (Claretian Missionaries) – C.M.F.
Claretian Sisters
Columbans (Missionary Society of St. Columban) – S.S.C.
Community of Betania
Companions of the Cross – C.C.
Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariae – C.I.C.M. (1862)
Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament – S.S.S.
Congregation of the Disciples of the Lord – C.D.D.
Congregation of Divine Providence – C.D.P.
Congregation of Holy Cross – C.S.C.
Congregation of Maronite Lebanese Missionaries – M.L.[]
Congregation of the Mission – C.M. (1624)
Congregation of the Mother Co-Redemptrix – C.M.C.
Congregation of Notre Dame – C.N.D.
Congregation of Our Lady of the Missions
Congregation of the Sisters of the Resurrection
Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary – SS.CC. (1800)
Congregation of St. Basil – C.S.B. (1822)
Congregation of St. Joseph – C.S.J. (1873)
Congregation of St. Therese of Lisieux, Cstbrothers, Kerala, India
Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy (Divine Mercy Sisters)
Conventual Franciscans (Conventuals or Order of Friars Minor Conventual) – O.F.M. Conv. (1209)
Daughters of Charity – D.C.
Daughters of Divine Charity – F.D.C. (1868)
Daughters of Divine Love
Daughters of the Holy Spirit – D.H.S. (1706)
Daughters of Mary of the Immaculate Conception
Daughters of St. Paul – F.S.P. (1915)
Daughters of Wisdom
Dehonians (Priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) – S.C.J.
Discalced Augustinians – O.A.D. (1592)
Discalced Carmelites – O.C.D.
Disciples of the Lord – C.D.D. (1931)
Divine Word Missionaries – S.V.D. (1875)
Dominican Nuns of the Perpetual Rosary
Dominicans (Order of Friars Preachers) – O.P. (1216)
Dominican Sisters of Hawthorne
Dominican Sisters of the Immaculate Conception – O.P. (1861)
Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia – O.P. (1860)
Dottrinari (Congregazione dei Preti della Dottrina Cristiana) – D.C.
Eudists (Congregation of Jesus and Mary) – C.I.M.
Fathers of Mercy – (Congregatio Presbyterorum a Misericordia) – C.P.M.
Felician Sisters (Congregation of the Sisters of St. Felix of Cantalice) – C.S.S.F.
Franciscan Apostolic Sisters – F.A.S. (1954)
Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn – O.S.F.
Franciscan Brothers of the Eucharist – F.B.E. (2004)
Franciscan Brothers of Peace – F.B.P. (1982)
Franciscan Friars (Order of Friars Minor) – O.F.M. (1209)
Franciscan Friars of the Renewal – C.F.R. (1987)
Franciscan Friars of the Third Order Regular – T.O.R.
Franciscan Handmaids of Mary (1915)
Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters of the Immaculate Conception – F.H.I.C. (1876)
Franciscans of the Immaculate – F.I.
Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood – F.M.D.M.
Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word – M.F.V.A. (1987)
Franciscan Missionaries of Mary – F.M.M. (1877)
Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary
Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Infant Jesus
Franciscan Servants of Jesus (1997)
Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity – O.S.F.
Franciscan Sisters of the Eucharist – F.S.E. (1973)
Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception – F.S.I.C.
Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate
Franciscan Sisters of Penance of the Sorrowful Mother – T.O.R.
Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration – O.S.F. (1849)
Fransalians (Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales) – M.S.F.S.
Good Shepherd Sisters – R.G.S.
Grey Nuns – G.N.S.H.
Handmaids of the Blessed Sacrament and of Charity – A.A.S.C.
Handmaids of the Precious Blood – H.P.B.
Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus – A.A.S.C.
Handmaids of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Holy Cross Fathers (Congregation of Holy Cross) – C.S.C. (1837)
Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters (Pink Sisters) – S.Sp.S.A.P.
Hospital Sisters of the Mercy of Jesus
Infant Jesus Sisters (Nicolas Barre) – I.J.
Institut du Clergé Patriarcal de Bzommar – I.C.P.B.
Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest – I.C.R.S.S. (1990)
Institute of the Incarnate Word – I.I.W. (1984)
Jesuits (Society of Jesus) – S.J. (1540)
Josephite Fathers (St. Joseph’s Society of the Sacred Heart) – S.S.J.
Legion of Christ – L.C. (founded 1941, approved 1983)
Little Brothers of the Gospel – (1956)
Little Brothers of Jesus – (1933)
Little Brothers of St Francis – {1970) {l.b.s.f)
Little Flower Congregation (CST Fathers)
Little Sisters of the Assumption
Little Sisters of the Gospel – (1963)
Little Sisters of Jesus – (1933)
Little Sisters of Jesus and Mary
Little Sisters of the Poor – L.S.P. (ca. 1700s)
Lovers of the Holy Cross
Loreto Sisters (Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary) – I.B.V.M.
Marian Fathers – M.I.C.
Marian Sisters (Marian Sisters of the Diocese of Lincoln) – M.S.
Marianists (Society of Mary) – S.M.
Marianist Sisters (Daughters of Mary Immaculate) – F.M.I.
Marianites of Holy Cross – M.S.C.
Marist Brothers – F.M.S. (1817)
Marists (Society of Mary) – S. M.(1816)
Maryknoll (Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America) – M.M. (1911)
Mercedarians (Order of Our Lady of Mercy) – O. de M. (1218)
Miles Christi – M.C. (1984)
Mission Helpers of The Sacred Heart – M.H.S.H. (1890)
Missionaries of Charity – M.C. (1950)
Missionaries of La Salette – M.S. (1852)
Missionaries of Mary – (2007)
Missionaries of St. Charles Borromeo) – C.S. (1887)
Missionaries of the Gospel of Life
Missionaries of the Poor – M.O.P.
Missionaries of the Precious Blood (Precious Blood Fathers) – C.PP.S.
Missionaries of the Sacred Heart – M.S.C.
Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary
Missionary Congregation for the Blessed Sacrament
Missionary Society of St. Columban
Monastic Fraternities of Jerusalem
Montfort Missionaries (Company of Mary) – S.M.M.
Norbertines or Premonstratensians (Canons Regular of Prémontré) – C.R.P., O.Praem. (1120)
Oblate Apostles of the Two Hearts – O.A.T.H. (1995)
Oblate Sisters of Providence – O.S.P. (1829)
Oblates Of Mary Immaculate – O.M.I. (1816)
Oblates of St. Joseph – O.S.J. (1878)
Oblates Of The Virgin Mary – O.M.V. (1827)
Olivetans (Order of Our Lady of Mount Olivet) (1313)
Oratorians (Oratory of St. Philip Neri) – C.O., Cong. Orat. (1500s)
Order of the Imitation of Christ – O.I.C. (1930)
Order of St. Elisabeth O.S.E. (1622)
Pallottines (Society of the Catholic Apostolate) – S.A.C. (1835)
Paris Foreign Missions Society (Missions Etrangères de Paris) – M.E.P. (1658)
Passionists (Congregation of the Passion) – C.P. (1720)
Passionist Sisters
Patrician Brothers – F.S.P.
Pauline Fathers (Order of Saint Paul the First Hermit) – O.S.P.P.E.
Paulist Fathers (Missionary Society of Saint Paul the Apostle) – C.S.P.
Piarists (Clerics Regulars Poors of the Mother of God of the Pious Schools) – Sch.P. (1617)
Pious Disciples of the Divine Master – P.D.D.M. (1924)
Pontifical Congregation of the Benedictine Sisters of the Reparation of the Holy Face (1950)
Poor Clares (Nuns of the Order of St. Clare/(Order of Poor Ladies) – O.S.C.
Poor Clare Nuns of Perpetual Adoration
Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary – P.B.V.M.
Presentation Brothers – F.P.M.
Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter – F.S.S.P. (1988)
Putra Puteri Carmel
Racine Dominican Sisters
Redemptorists (Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer) – C.Ss.R. (1732)
Les Religieuses de Notre-Dame-du-Sacre-Coeur (Dieppe, New Brunswick)
Religious of the Assumption – R.A.
Religious of the Sacred Heart of Mary – R.S.H.M.
Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma, Michigan – R.S.M.
Resurrectionists – C.R.
Rogationists of the Heart of Jesus – R.C.J.
Rosminians (Institute of Charity) – I.C.
Salesians of St. John Bosco – S.D.B. (1857)
Salesian Sisters (Daughters of Mary Help of Christian) – F.M.A.
Salvatorians (Society of the Divine Savior) – S.D.S. (1881)
School Sisters of Christ the King
School Sisters of Notre Dame – S.S.N.D. (1833)
School Sisters of the Third Order of St Francis
Servites (Order of Friars, Servants of Mary) – O.S.M. (1233)
Sinsinawa Dominican Sisters
Sister Adorers of the Precious Blood – R.P.G. (1861)
Sisters Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest
Sisters of the Apostolic Carmel
Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament
Sisters of the Cenacle – r.c.
Sisters of Charity – S.C.
Sisters of Charity of Cincinnati
Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth
Sisters of Charity of New York
Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary – B.V.M.
Sisters of Charity of the Immaculate Conception (St. John, New Brunswick, Canada)
Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word
Sisters of Charity of Our Lady of Mercy (South Carolina)
Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth
Sisters of Charity Federation in the Vincentian-Setonian Tradition
Sisters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul – Halifax (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
Vincentian Sisters of Charity (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)
Sisters of the Divine Compassion
Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill (Pennsylvania)
Sisters of the Holy Cross – C.S.C.
Sisters of Holy Cross – C.S.C.
Sisters of the Holy Family
Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth
Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary – S.N.J.M. (1844)
Sisters of Jesus, Our Hope
Sisters of Life – S.V. (1991)
Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist – O.P. (1997)
Sisters of Mercy – R.S.M. (1831)
Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur – S.N.D., S.N.D. de N. (1803)
Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy
Sisters of La Retraite
Sisters of Saint Agnes
Sisters of Saint Elizabeth
Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi
Sisters of St Francis of the Martyr St George – F.S.G.M.
Sisters of St. Francis of Penance and Christian Charity
Sisters of Saint Francis of Rochester, Minnesota
Sisters of St Joseph (AKA Sisters of Saint Joseph of Medaille) – C.S.J. (1650)
Sisters of Saint Joseph of Bourg or S.S.J. (1650)
Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambéry
Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace
Sisters of St. Joseph of the Sacred Heart – S.S.J. (1866)
Sisters of St. Joseph of the Third Order of St. Francis (1901)
Sisters of Saint Martha (Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada)
Sisters of St Rita (1911)
Sisters of St Therese of the Child Jesus (St Therese Sisters – Tanzania) – S.S.Th.
Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary – I.H.M. (1845)
Sisters, Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus (Cresson, PA; Poland; Vatican City) – S.S.C.J.
Society of the Helpers of the Holy Souls
Society of the Holy Child Jesus – S.H.C.J. (1846)
Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity – S.O.L.T.
Society of St. Edmund S.S.E. (1843)
Society of Saint Paul – S.S.P. (1914)
Society of the Sacred Heart – R.S.C.J. (1800)
Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta (Order of Malta) – S.M.O.M. (1099)
Spiritans or Holy Ghost Fathers (Congregation of the Holy Ghost) – C.S.Sp. (1703)
Stigmatines (Congregation of the Sacred Stigmata) – C.S.S.
Sulpician Fathers (Society of Saint Sulpice) – S.S., P.S.S. (1642)
Tertiary Sisters of St. Francis – Cameroon (1700)
Teutonic Order (1190)
Theatines (Congregation of Clerics Regular) – C.R. (1524)
Trappists (Order of Cistercians of the Strict Observance) – O.C.R., O.C.S.O. (1662)
Trinitarians (Order of the Most Holy Trinity) – O.SS.T. (1194)
Ursulines (Ursuline Nuns of the Roman Union) – O.S.U. (1535)
Verbum Dei Missionary Fraternity – M.V.D.F.
Viatorians (Clerics of Saint Viator) – C.S.V. (1831)
Heralds of the Gospel (Virgo Flos Carmeli) – E.P. (February 22, 2001)
Vincentian Congregation (VC)
Visitation Nuns (Second Federation of the Visitation Order)
Vocationists (The Society of Divine Vocations) – S.D.V.
White Fathers – M.Afr. (1868)
Xaverian Brothers – C.F.X.
Xaverian Missionaries (Missionary Society of St. Francis Xavier) – S.X.

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