Gaither Gospel

GaitherGospel.jpgOne of my father’s favorite TV shows was the Gaithers. Him and my mom would watch it nearly every Saturday night.
Dad never went to church as an adult. I never saw him read the bible. I don’t know if he prayed.
But, he was a Christian. If you feel it’s important to go to church every Sunday and read the bible daily; you wouldn’t consider him a good Christian. Then again, you wouldn’t consider me a good Christian; and if the truth be told, you probably don’t do that yourself.
How do I know my father was a Christian? We both belonged to the Masonic Fraternity. No, you don’t have to be a Christian to be a member of the Masonic lodge. You must however, believe in God to join the lodge. However, within the Masonic Fraternity, there are various branches consisting of other type lodges. You’ve no doubt heard of the York Rite and Scottish Rite.
Jews, within the Masonic Fraternity, go through the Scottish Rite after getting out of the Blue Lodge. They work their way up to a 32nd Degree Mason.
Within the York Rite, specifically the York Rite Commandary, one must profess his Christianity. Yes, my father was a Christian.
I’ve gotten a bit off target on this blog entry. Dad loved the Gaither Gospel Show. I remember being with him on those two Saturday evenings before he passed away. I remember watching the Gaithers.
Nora and I are now taping the shows and watching when we can.

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