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Currently this blog has 805 entries that have either been published and available for viewing or are scheduled to be published in the future.
I’ve just checked and find there are 151 blog entries scheduled to be published. I generally try to published at least one every day and published two on most days. Generally, one of these is a photo of a church, statue or some other type of religious artwork (i.e. inspirational photo, scene from Life of Christ, etc).
Currently, I have items scheduled to be published until the first part of July. I also have about 18 other items to get ready for the blog. These are a series of ‘letters’ to God by small children.
Additionally, I probably have close to 200 pieces of Christian artwork depicting the Life of Christ that must be prepared. I need to match them up with the proper scripture, then create the blog entry.
My inspirational photos and verses seem to be a big hit. I have a collection of (currently) 108 photos that are just wonderful. Many have been published and many more are scheduled for publishing. It takes a little time adjusting the photos to the proper size for the blog and deciding which bible verse will sit nicely on top of the photo. This is something I work on from time to time.
Another item I receive feedback on are the photos from the Basilica & Monastery in Washington, D.C. People seem to like these photos. I have about 175 additional photos from these two place that I have not yet gone through. Many might be ‘repeats’ and will not be published; however, many are photos taken on a second or third trip to these two locations which I have not yet sorted through. More trips are planned to the Basilica & Monastery in D.C.
Down the line I want to redesign the website and put up sections of the various stages of Christ’s life. I also need to scan many postage stamps from around the world showing the Life of Christ. That will be a major project, but something that will be outstanding.
Of course, I need to spend time on my Liberty Home BIble Institute course. Sadly, I have not done much with it since receiving it about a month ago. More on that in an upcoming blog entry.
I also intend to get back into writing more. For years, this blog (which was under another name) was a politically incorrect blog centering on the foolish nature of society and how the liberals are destroying this nation and world. I stopped that version of the blog several months ago and will not return to that style of writing and blog. However, I want to write some religious artices or sermons, reflecting my thoughts and beliefs on the bible and it’s teachings. That’s something I think I might have some minor talent for.

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