Problems in West Virginia (#1)

Two weeks ago I wrote of problems at our WV home with a tree coming down and knocking out power and phone. The power was correct quickly. We had someone go in the house. They advised the phone was not working, but the cable TV was OK.
Since we going on vacation in two weeks, we needed to make sure the phone and DSL were working. Nora is still finishing up her online Food Safety Course and needs internet service, either with dial up (regular phone line) or DSL (high speed). I called Verizon and advise them to fix the phone. I also advised them to stop down at the main office of the resort complex to pick up the key to the house. They went out and I called the next day. They said everything was OK. When I called the number it just rang.
Yesterday, we did a quick up and back trip to the house to check everything out. I’m glad we did. The phone is still not working. Obviously, they didn’t even go inside to check the phones out. I unplugged the outside connections, and reset the inside phones by unplugging them. No dial tone. I even plug a phone directly into an outside jack. No service. Everything was dead.
There was still a line down in the driveway. The cable was working; however, everything was fuzzy.
Now Nora needs to take off a day early and I need to schedule another appointment on the Friday before vacation to get the phone lines fixed. I’ll have to schedule the cable company to come out the same day to restring the wire and clear up the TV pictures.
If we hadn’t gone up to check out everything we’d have a real mess. Hopefully everything will be repaired on that Friday and we’ll have DSL, phone, and cable by that afternoon.

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