Website & Blog Update

I’ve added a few items to the right side of the blog.
I’ve added a section called “Our Churches” and have placed photos of the Roman Catholic Church of the Crucifixion.
I’ve also added a section called “My Favorite Preachers”. Included are some Catholic Priests.
Nora and I watch ETWN (the Catholic cable channel) plus several other religious cable channels.
We’re both open and respectful of each other’s faith and enjoy attending each other’s churches. We don’t agree with each other on parts of our religions, but we are respectful of each other’s beliefs. We view the Lord’s Supper differently, but agree that it is one of the most important part of any religion. We disagree on some of the Catholic Sacraments (i.e. confession), the existance of purgatory, plus a few other items.
I’m sure all of the men listed either share or disagree with us and each other. God gave free will to all of us. I don’t ‘tow the line’ with everything the Southern Baptist faith believes (i.e. ‘graven images’). I feel the Baptist faith takes that commandment out of context. The Southern Baptist Convention is never going to change their policy on that and I’m not about to change my position either.
I’ve grown very fond of three Catholic Priests – Fr. John Corapi, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, and Fr. Mitch Pacwa. I watch their TV shows from beginning to end and am amazed at their knowledge. While I don’t agree with their stance on every issue, I am very pleased with their outstanding knowledge.
If I were to hear Fr. John Corapi speak on something other than the Catholic Catechism or Sacraments, I’d swear he was a Southern Baptist. He’s a hard nose – no nonsense kind of guy. Fr. Groeschel is a very soft spoken man. I enjoy his show very much. Fr. Mitch Pacwa is outstanding. This past week he’s gotten rather upset with both Democratic contenders with their stance on abortion and gay marriages and strongly spoke out about Obama misquoting the scriptures. I loved listening to him as he tore apart what Obama had to say.
Chuck Swindoll and Charles Stanley have been favorites of mine for many years. The same goes for John Hagee. Yes, I know he sometimes crosses the line in his comments. He’s passionate in his beliefs and even though he might go a bit overboard at times, I agree with nearly everything he says. My only problem with him is that he sometimes starts yelling.
J. Vernon McGee died several years ago; however, his ‘Thru the Bible’ radio show is a classic. I’ve downloaded several parts of it and enjoy listening to him explain things. I also have his commentary in printed form.
I’m also a fan of Jack Hayford. I find him to be a very gentle man and enjoy the way he gets his point across.

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