Upcoming Vacation

One month from today we’ll be on vacation in West Virginia. We really don’t have much planned (which is good).
Nora will need to work the first weekend of vacation on the course she is taking on Food Safety. By sometime on that Monday she’ll be completely finished and ready to celebrate.
I’m hoping that some of the Oriole’s baseball games are televised during the vacation. We went on vacation a little earlier last year (the opening week of baseball), and were able to see about five games during that period.
I’ll probably spend some time on the LHBI course, but don’t want to work all day, every day on it. Doing so makes it become ‘work’, which is what I’m on vacation from.
I’ll probably spend a good day or so working on future blog entries. I have many inspirational photos that I can still use. I just need to come up with an appropriate verse for the photos. I also have several nice paintings of the Life of Christ. I’ll get some of them ready for the blog, picking out and adding the appropriate verse to the painting for a blog entry.
I don’t want to spend all of my vacation ‘working’ on the items above. I could really use some rest and relaxation. I’ll need to spend a few hours working outside in West Virginia on the property.
I also might take this time to try and do some writing for the website and blog. I’ve got a few ideas banging around in my head.
Regardless, the purpose of the vacation is to relax and take it easy. It’s time to recharge my internal batteries.

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