Jackson Reverdy Orrell – Out of Surgery

JacksonGrandpop2008Jan.jpgI received a call from Sara about an hour ago. Jackson is out of surgery and doing well.
This little guy has had his share of problems since being born 14 months ago. He has asthma and acid reflux. Also, he’s had more than eight ear infections. We didn’t know if they were going to operate on him today, as he was slightly congested. However, the doctors thought everything was safe this morning and proceeded with his ear operation.
They drained fluid, cleaned out his ears, and inserted drains in both ears. They now hope that the acid reflux problem will begin to solve itself. While he should be on stage three baby food and some table items, he’s still only really eating stage two with some stage three. The feeling is that the ear problem is related and with that cleared up he can start to eat and grow better.
We are going to Pennsylvania on Saturday to pay a visit. He’s walking well now and is all over the place. In fact, he took his first steps on his first birthday.

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