Jonathan Harrity – One Nice Young Man

JonathanUncleReb.jpgWe live in a society where many young children are impolite, dishonest, and down right horrible to be around.
I am pleased to have a niece and a nephew who are not like that. Jenna & Jonathan are two lovely children, who’s parents have done a wonderful job raising them.
I am also fortunate to have a cousin (Mary Lynn) who has two children (a boy and a girl) about the same age as Jenna & Jonathan. Mary Lynn and Paul children’s are Mary Beth & Paulie.
We’ve have several 4th of July parties where all four children have been around. They get along great.
Jon frequently visits the blog and is especially interest in the various photos and entries.
Jonathan turns 10 years old today. The photo to the left was taken about a year ago.
Happy Birthday Jon ! Your Aunt Nora and Uncle Reb love you very much.
Aunt Nora and I look forward to taking you bowling for your birthday.

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