St. Thomas Aquinas

StThomasAquinas.jpgEWTN has a show called ‘Super Saints’ hosted by Bob and Penny Lord.
This appears to be a rather low budget show. The Lords travel around Europe learning about the various Saints of the church.
Recently I saw their show which featured St. Thomas Acquinas.
I really liked this episode.
I understand that Thomas constantly prayed to God to remove any worldly concerns or cares from him. Thomas wanted to concentrate on serving God, without having any earthly temptations.
Thomas wanted nothing to do with the world. He only wanted to serve God and do what God wanted.
We live in a society which bombs us with every TV and radio ad to ‘buy this’ and ‘buy that’. Our society and culture plasters our minds with worldly items.
Many people fill various voids in their life by constantly buying ‘worldly pleasures’.
St. Thomas Aquinas wouldn’t fit in today’s society very well.

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