Forthcoming Website & Blog Changes

No, don’t worry! Nothing as drastic as before when I changed from a politically incorrect op-ed social commentary blog to a bible based blog. I have no intention of changing the theme of this blog.
However, I am working on a few things that you’ll slowly start to see.

  • Currently, I’m locating sources citing a harmony of the gospels in the Life of Christ. While several appear to be well done, I’m trying to come up with something a little different. I’ll probably make this available as a webpage with a link from the blog. The section will be entitled “The Life of Christ”.
  • Persuant to the above, I’m gathering various images from paintings, drawings, sculptures, stained glass, etc to display the different events in Christ’s life. It would be nice to tie in a scripture verse with an image when putting the Life of Christ in a chronological order, or have a main page listing all the events in Christ’s life, with links to specific pages concentrating on individual events.
  • NOTE: The above is a huge task. Don’t look for it anytime soon !
  • The following is also tied into the above mentioned project. I have a stamp collection of The Life of Christ that needs to be scanned. I have no idea how many pages or how many stamps are in the collection; however, it will take quite a bit of time to scan.
  • I’ve collected many images for the website that will be used in the items mentioned above. Also, I need to take these images and add appropriate bible verses to them for individual postings on this blog.
  • While the items above are things that I’ll eventually do on the blog and website, my first priority will be to continue my private bible study.

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