Reverdy Lewin Orrell Jr – Condition Update

MomDad1953.jpg NOTE: The photo to the left is of my mother and father, about 1954.

Today was a different day, of sorts, for my father.

Generally, he would awake about 7 AM and remain awake for most of the day. However, I gave him is 8 AM medicine and he went right back to sleep. He wasn’t running a fever, but rather, he was clamy.

His breathing was OK, but very soft, for much of the day.

A nurse from Hospice arrived this morning and examined him.

Dad kept going to sleep, then waking up briefly. His voice was very weak, but he was very alert, when awake. But, he kept sliding in and out of sleep all day.

Around 1 PM, he asked when I was going to do his i.v. I asked him if he still wanted it and he said he did. I asked him if it was helping and he said he didn’t think so, but to do it anyway.

He has often said how it makes him feel very warm when the fluid goes through him.

He then became very sleepy and started going in and out. My son arrived a little later, followed by his brother Richard and niece Phyllis. Phyllis, a R.N., checked out everything closely.

Aunt Mary also stopped around.

I was able to get Nora to head back home about 5:30.

I’ve just finished his last inhaler treatment for today and have given him the last of his pills. He does not appear to have a fever right now, but I have the feeling this could be another long night.

I’ll be checking him all the time.

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