eSword Bibles

eSwordBible.jpgI like eSword the more and more I use it. It has quite a few nice features. As seen from the graphic to the left, there are a tremendous number of bible translations available. However, I’ve found that showing all of them on the screen can be a bit confusing. You only really see one translation at a time (unless you set up a parallel view in which you can see 4 translation on the screen).

Still, just seeing this many tabs can be confusing.

eSwordBiblle2.jpgTherefore, I’ve changed my configuration to only show 2 translations, the King James Version (red letter edition) and the English Standard Version (Ted’s favorite). You’ll also see two other tabs. The one ‘parallel’ will show up to 4 translations. I only use two for this mode, as mentioned above.

The other tab is ‘compare’. When that is clicked, it will show all of the translations installed on the computer.

Currently, the NIV and New King James versions are not available for eSword. At times, I also use the RSV (Revised Standard Version). It would be nice to have the NIV and the NKJV, but it really isn’t necessary.

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