Reverdy Lewin Orrell, Jr.


I worked several hours yesterday scanning, pixel editing, and enhancing the above photo as best I could. I’m far from being a graphics expert, but I think it came out right well.

I scanned at 1200 dpi then saved as a bmp format. This makes for a huge file; however, as my intention was to get a few 8×10, 5×7, and small photos from the image, I needed to use the highest resolution possible.

From there I had to remove the background and also decided to make sure the image was also black at the bottom. This was a slow painful process. I was able to blacken out large portions; however, as I got in very tight I had to switch to a different ‘paint brush’ and work very slowly. Finally, I needed to add the text of my father’s full name and dates.

I then saved to a CD as a bmp to continue with a high resolution. From there I went to WalMart and made the photos. They really came out well. The 3 8x10s for me, my Mom, and my son were crisp. The 5x7s and smaller were also nice. I’m giving my Mom and my son theirs this afternoon. Smaller ones will be distributed amongst family members and friends.

I then reworked the final image to use over at my bible study blog.

Here was the orginal file, as scanned. As you can see I had a distracting background. The photo was landscape, but I needed to crop as a portrait. Also, there is reflection and glare from the flash unit against the glass door.


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