School Nights

There is one thing I forgot to mention about my visit to Arlington Bible College.

I left my house about 5 PM and didn’t get to the college until about 5:50.

Traffic on the Baltimore beltway was horrible.

If I leave work at 4 PM, I get home about 4:45 or so. I ride with another employee in MIS. If it is the week I’m driving, I don’t get home until about 5 PM.

Obviously, on school nights, I won’t be car pooling, nor returning straight home. I’ll just head straight to the college and pick up a bite to eat along the way.

Perhaps I’ll take an extra sandwich and thermos of coffee with me. I wonder if the coffee will stay warm for 12 hours?

I believe the Dean arrives about 4 PM each evening. I could get there about 4:40 and spend about an hour in the library studying or talking to the staff. There’s a lot I could be learning during that time.

Also, I wonder if it would be worthwhile to take my laptop to class. I really didn’t see any need for it on the class I sat in on, on Monday. But, I could always use it when in the library.

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