Jackson & Braunsweiger

I’ve been looking forward to this weekend for about a month. For the first time ever, Reb, Sara, & Jackson are staying a complete weekend with Nora and I at the West Virginia cabin. They arrived a little after 8 PM last night with Jackson wound up and in rare form.
It seems the dogs scare him a little. He has two dogs (Hammish and Dakota); however, they’re large dogs and tend to ignore him. Our dogs are much smaller, at his eye level, and Brandi (the cocker) does anything but ignore him.
One game Jackson loves to play is ‘horsey’ which he jumps around like a horse. He’ll run, or rather semi-skip through the house. We have fun chasing him around.
I fixed a nice dinner of Bubba burgers and polish kabasa. Seems Jackson loves ‘dip’. This isn’t the regular ‘dig’ you and I might eat. His dip is nothing more than ketchup. He loves it and constantly ‘dipped’ his hot dog in it.
Naturally Grandpop’s been preparing this visit for some time. I threw out some deer corn yesterday afternoon to entice a deer presense in the back yard. It worked as we had a nice size female doe show up about 9 PM. This morning I’ll have to put Jackson to work in helping to throw out some more deer corn.
I prepared for the visit at the store yesterday. A few months ago I introduced Jackson to lentil soup, a family favorite for generations. If he’s going to have the surname “Orrell” he must be exposed to family favorites. Last night I introducted him to braunsweiger. Most people hate it; however Jackson, bit off a nice chunk, plunged it into his dip, and eat it all. As you can see from the photo below, he not only ate it, but also smeared it everywhere.
I also bought a package of ginger snaps. Again another ‘Orrell’ favorite. He couldn’t have it though, as he has a peanut allergy and the product was made in a factory that used peanut oil. I’ll have to check the cartoons closer in the future.
Today, he’ll get introduced into other ‘Orrell’ favorites. Since he like ‘dip’ of ketchup, it seems logical that he’ll like the Orrell favorite of V-8 juice. After all, they both have a tomato base. Reb & I will go easy on him and give him the straight up out of the bottle version. When he gets older Reb & I will give him our favorite version which involves taking the V-8 juice and adding a lot of ‘hot sauce’ to it. You can buy a ‘spicy’ or ‘zesty’ version of V-8, but we like to spice up our own. By the way, stay away from the ‘low sodium’ version of V-8. It’s horrible.
Let’s see – we also have some tapioca and some rice pudding for later. Reb & I love that also.
Also, we’ll give him another favorite which can involve another type of ‘dip’. I bought a block of mild sharp chesse. We’ll let Jackson ‘dip’ this into some syrup. That’s been an Orrell favorite for decades.
As an added bonus, we’ll also let him try some YooHoo later today. His father and I love to slam back a bottle of that now and then. As you can see, I’ve been getting ready for this weekend for quite a while.
Today, we’ll all go down to Winchester, Virginia and walk around Old Towne. We’ll tour the gardens and other areas, then return back here and go in the outdoor pool. Nora and I went yesterday afternoon and the water was wonderful.
The pleasures of being a grandparent are endless. Nora said she wants to teach him ‘hide and seek’ this afternoon. I guess we’ll let her in on the action and have some fun also.

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